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(5 photos of a 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) This rare 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang hardtop from the west coast Rainbow of Colors promotion is owned by Dale Olson of Rohnert Park, California. It was our Attitude Of The Week for December 28th, 2008. Dale writes, I got this car in 1990 and finished restoring it in 1996. It was not show room quality, but it was a very nice car. For the entire time I've had it, I was misreading the data plate and didn't know exactly what the car was. Even few years ago I did search on internet of Orange 68 Mustang, and got nothing. Just within the past few weeks I finally found out the car was a part of the Rainbow Mustang promotion of 68 and 69. I don't have the original engine in it because when I got the car someone had put a straight six in it. I also had a 67 mustang with a 289 4v that was usable so I rebuilt it. Also no longer have the C4 automatic for it. I put in the Ford design 4 speed (RUG-E2), but no modifications other than bolt-ons. The car only has 23,000 miles on it since restoring it, but due to it sitting outside in the weather, it needs to be completely restored again (except the engine, transmission, and rear end). We've included some scanned in photos after its first restoration in 1996, hopefully Dale can get us more in the future. Also take a look at our Rainbow of Colors special information page to see what we believe all 13 colors from the Rainbow of Colors promotion looked like along with photos of other Rainbow of Colors cars.

(7 photos of a 1968 Flower Power Red Orange Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) Mike Abajian Jr of Texas owns this beautiful 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotional red orange Mustang hardtop. Mike writes: I bought this original 'Rainbow of Colors' car on-line about two years ago. The gentleman who restored this car initially intended to part it out. He opted to restore its original Calypso Coral special order paint (known as Flower Power Orange in '68). Mike's 1968 Mustang was our Attitude Of The Week for February 1st, 2009.

(1 photo of a 1968 Special Orange Mustang Shelby GT-500KR Fastback) This incredible Special Orange 1968 Shelby GT500KR Mustang fastback with an R-code 428 Cobra Jet V8 is owned by Peter Disher of Wisconsin and runs one of the most interesting sites of Ford factory special colors thecoralsnake.com. Peter has identified several 1968 special order colors that the Shelby GT 500KR has been ordered in. This orange WT5158 is one of them. Peter writes: One of three painted this color by the factory in 1968. SAAC and Team Shelby National Award winner.

(3 photos of a 1968 Special Orange Mustang Shelby GT-500KR Fastback) Check out this 1968 Mustang Shelby GT-500KR. It's painted a special order shade of orange. It's pictured here with the owner. KR stands for King of the Road. It has the big 428ci Cobra Jet engine and a manual transmission.

(3 photos of a 1968 Flower Power Red Orange Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Convertible) This is a Flower Power Red 1968 Rainbow Of Colors Mustang convertible. It is owned by Don Croft. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 30, 2011. The Rainbow Of Colors promotion ran on the west coast on 1968 and 1969 Mustangs. They featured special paint offerings in all colors of the rainbow. This one was sold new at Highland Park Motors Inc. in Los Angeles, California. Don tells us, "I bought it back in 2004, and was told by the previous owner it was 'Grabber Orange'. I knew at the time this wasn't correct as Grabber Orange was a '69 color, and bit lighter than the shade of my Mustang. I had wondered since about the correct color, until last year when I stumbled onto your website, which encouraged me to run the Marty Report..." Besides the special order paint, the Marty Report listed the following options: 289-2V Engine, Parchment Power Top w/ Glass Backlite, C-4 Cruise-O-Matic Transmission, F70X14 Wide Oval Tires, White Sidewall Nylon Tires, Air Conditioner - Selectaire, AM/8-Track Stereo Radio, and Tinted Glass

(1 photo of a 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) Karen Rose in Raleigh, North Carolina owns a very rare Madagascar Orange 1968 Mustang. This car was originally ordered by her grandma Frannie in California, who picked out one of the special factory colors advertised in the "Rainbow of Colors" Ford promotion between 1968 and 1969. Karen writes, I still drive this car regularly, but it could use some restoration, most pressingly a new hard top. I've been scouting around for a good body shop in the Raleigh NC area if you know of one. Thank! And you don't even want to see photos of my engine, it's not a pretty sight, but at only 160k, garaged most of her life in California, I'm still able to keep her going replacing part for part as they wear out. She's a good gal at 40. A larger wallpaper view of this car is also available.

(1 photo of a 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) We received this email of a second special orange/red Mustang with DSO 710777. This one is under restoration along with a possible other special order Mustang. The owner writes, I have recently bought a 1968 Mustang and discovered the original color was a unique orange. After searching the VIN I discovered your site. I have DSO 710777. If you look closely at the picture you can see the original color of Madagascar Orange where the drip rails where removed. Also the trunk have never been touched and is the original Madagascar Orange. I am excited to re-store her one day and preserve Mustang history. Yet another twist of fate! I also owned a 66 Mustang for over 10 years and finally began to sand her layers of paint. Well as I began to remove door panels, and look in places I found a Bubble Gum color pink. Long story short, we believe this Mustang to have been originally painted Playmate pink which was only a special order in 66 and not officially offered. So I am honored to have 2 rare painted Mustang and hope to be able to save up to restore them to their original glory!

(8 photos of a 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang GT Rainbow Of Colors Fastback) John Roessel sent us these photos of this amazing car he used to own. It is a Madagascar Orange 1968 Mustang GT Rainbow Of Colors Edition Mustang fastback. It had it's original S-code 390ci V8 and an automatic transmission. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting September 23, 2012. The Rainbow Of Colors special editions were offered on the west coast for 1968 and 1969. Here's more information.

(8 photos of a 1968 Calypso Coral Orange Mustang Hardtop) Calypso Coral 1968 Mustang hardtop owned by Michael Williams from Adelaide , South Australia. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 11, 2014. Michael tells us, "I bought this car from an importer in 2011 and set about restoring it myself. It was originally a Limegold and Parchment vinyl roof car. Its been repainted in Calypso Coral with a black vinyl roof. The Ivy Gold interior has also bee replaced with a new black interior. I've had every nut and bolt out and know the car intimately now. I managed to track down the previous owner in California, who was very surprised to find the car had made it downunder and he was able to fill in some of its history. It recently attended the Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Geelong Australia, after driving it halfway across the country and back."

(8 photos of a 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Convertible) Madagascar Orange 1968 Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Edition convertible owned by Bartek from Germany. This ROC has a Los Angeles (71) ordering district and a #0424 special order number. It has the 302-4V (J-code) engine, automatic transmission, 3.00 rear end, and deluxe interior scheduled for assembly at San Jose on December 11, 1967. Bartek is the third owner of this car. Bartek has confirmed from the second owner (purchased the car in 1971) that the car was originally Madagascar Orange from his friend who originally purchased the car. The first owner was a celebrity from the 50-60s - more on that later.

(4 photos of a 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) Check this one out. It's a Madagascar Orange 1968 Mustang hardtop Rainbow of Colors. It was sent in by Bryant Hatfield from Palmer, Texas. Bryant tells us, "It was owned by my friends father. It was buried in a garage for years. His father had passed away so I have no story on the car. Kinda upsetting, but I had noticed the car had no paint code and I started researching and found your site and one other that showed 1187 as my DSO code which states it was a special order orange." The car came with a 289 V8. It now has a 351w V8 engine.

(13 photos of a 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) This is a Madagascar Orange 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustang with a J-code, 230hp, 302 cubic inch, 4-barrel V8. This car was a special order car from the San Jose, California area. Besides the special order paint it came with automatic transmission, white sidewall tires, center console, power disk brakes, power steering, AM radio, tinted glass, deluxe seat belts, remote left hand mirror, and deluxe wheel covers which included the center red cap to the standard full wheel covers. The vinyl roof may have been a dealer added option. The Rainbow of Colors was an east coast promotion which featured special order paint in a rainbow of colors. I got to see this car in person. Its been repainted but its in very good condition. We also have a sister to this car since it shares the same special order number.
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