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(from page 55 of the 1968 Collection) Mike is starting to work on the interior. Mike says that the interior had been replaced at one time but the quality was pretty poor (they used household shag carpet and literally screwed it to the floorboards). The door data tag for this car reads 65A hardtop body style with standard seats, blank color code indicating a special order paint color, 2U parchment seats, 21C scheduled for assembly on the 21st of March 1968, 73 ordered in the Salt Lake City area with special order number 3059, 2 2.79:1 rear axle ratio, and 5 4-speed manual transmission.
(from page 55 of the 1968 Collection) Here is another view of the interior. Mike's sister car was ordered with Corinthian Black bucket seats and automatic transmission.

(from page 62 of the 1968 Collection) Nice gold interior with wood dash trim and automatic transmission.

(from page 64 of the 1968 Collection) Customized accents in the interior including the Bullitt badge off a newer Bullitt special model. I like the 6 shooter emblem next to the Bullitt lettering.
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