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6 cars (55 pictures) found: sub-model of "Rainbow of Colors", exterior color of "green", grouped by car

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Show Year: [1968] [1969]
(15 photos of a 1968 Olive Green Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) Jeffrey Wheeler's recently restored Olive Green 1968 Rainbow of Colors Mustang hardtop is our Attitude Of The Week for the week of July 10, 2011. Jeff found this amazing car with 28K original miles on it in its original special order Olive Green paint and options as part of the West Coast Rainbow of Colors promotion which featured custom colors and upgrades. Jeff writes, I wanted to give you an update and send some new pictures of Maggie Mae. She is on the road and doing great! I entered her in the 2011 PNWMC Mustang II's R a Mustang Too Spring Show n Shine and had a blast sharing her story with others and listening to the comments like 'I didn't know they came in that color' or 'Look at that, it has a bench seat'. Over all I would have to say she was very appreciated by others as she was awarded 2nd place in the '67 - '68 Coupe Class. It was a proud day. Now I am enjoying showing her off and eager for September to arrive and with it the 4 day International Mustang Show in Spokane.

(13 photos of a 1968 Olive Green Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Branded Hardtop) mustang This double unique, special model, Mustang was our featured Attitude of the Week for the week of December 13th, 2009. Robbie Tromp from the Netherlands has restored this Olive Green 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustang which is also a Branded Special. This olive green is one of 13 special colors which a new Mustang owner could order along with several upgrades in the west coast Rainbow of Colors promotion. Also during this time dealers could add a Branded Special emblem to further promote a car. Amazingly this car is both! This was the first Olive Green Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustang that found us. A few months ago, Wolfgang Kohrn of ponysite.de, contacted us about finding a unique originally painted, olive green, 1968, Mustang in the Netherlands which had all the options and special order data to indicate that it was the first car found of this unique color. This is that car which is also featured on Wolfgang's site. So far we've only found 9 names of the 13 colors of the promotion. This green was not one of them, so we've been temporarily calling it Olive Green. If you know the official color name, let us know. About the same time, Jeff from Oregon, emailed us on his newest purchase of an olive green 1968 Mustang which turns out to be a sister car to Robbie's because the share the same DSO order area, special order number, and therefore ordered by the same dealer which was, Lou Gerard Motors, in Redding, California. Look at the other photos of this car, Robbie has much more information.

(1 photo of a 1968 Whipped Cream Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) Check this one out! It's a Whipped Cream 1968 Rainbow Of Colors Mustang hardtop. Check out the paint - this is the first one we have on our site that wears it's original shade of Whipped Cream paint. It actually has light green tone to it. It also has it's original 302ci V8 and an automatic transmission. The owner tells us, "Came across this car in 2006. The second owner was selling it, having grown tired of it - saying it never has won or ever will win any prizes. I was able to met the daughter of the original owner and get some very important information on the car. Her mother bought the car off the showroom floor and loved it at first sight. The original owner kept the car in a carpeted, heated, and air conditioned garage while in California. When she moved to the mid-west she drove the car herself instead of having it hauled. When unable to drive anymore, she sold it to a neighbor, who sold it to us. The spare tire is one of the original tires that came with the car. I am happy to say the second owner was so very wrong about it not winning any prizes. It has won several times and considering it is up against cars that have been totally restored, I think is great."

(10 photos of a 1968 Special Green Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) Here is an unusual one. Its a special order 1968 Mustang hardtop which came with automatic transmission, power steering, sport tires, sport wheel covers, louvered hood, C-code 289ci V8 engine, black side stripe, and special order paint (WT7148). It was built in the San Jose plant but under special order number 3059 from Salt Lake City. We've confirmed that the Rainbow of Colors promotion also ran from Salt Lake City. We've been recently emailed of another special order green painted Mustang from the same special order number by Mike in Idaho. We think both of these cars were part of the Rainbow of Colors west coast promotion. WT7148 is a close match to WT7126 which was used in this promotion.

(9 photos of a 1968 Special Green Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop) Mike Taylor from Meridian, Idaho found this special order green painted 1968 hardtop parked in Billings, Montana, outside, under a canvas cover. It had been there for six years. Mike sent us photos of the car as he found it and a few of getting it home. Mike is starting to restore it. It is a special ordered car with a blank paint code and special order number 3059 from Salt Lake City.

What is interesting about this car is its special color. Mike's research shows it as Ford special order code WT7034 and was ordered with Andrew's 1968 Special Order Green Mustang of which we also have photos of. Andrew's car is a bluish green that Marti matched to WT7148 which is an almost exact match to WT7126. Both WT7034 and WT7126 has an historical use on 1968 and 69 Mustangs since it is two of 13 colors used for the West Coast Rainbow of Colors promotion. We've just confirmed that the Rainbow of Colors ran in the LA, San Jose, and Salt Lake City area.

(7 photos of a 1969 Poppy Green Mach 1 Rainbow Of Colors / Gas Ronda Special Mustang Fastback) Peter Manson's restored Poppy Green, 1969, Rainbow of Colors, Super Cobra Jet, Mach 1 fastback was our Attitude of the Week for March 8th, 2008. This amazing Mach 1 was one of 10 ordered by Russ Davis Ford of Covina California to promote his dealership and most likely his racing cars. We actually have its sister on our site. Peter has done extensive research as well as restoration on his car. The Rainbow of Colors was a west coast 1968-69 sales promotion which offered new Mustang owners many sporty upgrades as well as one of 13 special order bright colors. Many of these cars were base models, but a few; like Peter's; were higher end models. New information on Russ Davis shows that this special order may have also been for a Gas Ronda racing promotion since the famous Cobra Jet racer was promoted by Russ Davis.
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