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(1 photo of a 1966 Timberline Green Mustang High Country Special Convertible) Here is a shot of the 1966 Mustang HCS with the top down.

(1 photo of a 1967 Limelite Green Mustang She Country Special Convertible) "She Car" means "Traveling Companion" says the board next to a 1967 Limelite Green She Country Special. Ann Goodro of Goodro Ford designed this promotion and the Limited Edition Mustangs in 1967. It's cool to see how they were advertised and displayed.

(1 photo of a 1967 Lime Gold Mustang Blazer Limited Edition Hardtop Advertisement) Just arrived... Mustang Blazers! Limited Editions. says this Cumberland, Maryland newspaper advertisement from November 11, 1966. It says, Mustang Blazer! Hardtop favorite - different in a very special way from all other Mustang Hardtops! Lime Gold body, black top. Personal nameplate inside, Blazer nameplate outside. Built for this area only. Don't wait - order now! Optional - choice of V8 engines, new 2-way cruise-o-matic Drive. And all this for $2451.46. We are the first to show you this series of newspaper articles from the Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio area featuring a newly discovered 1967 Mustang Limited Edition called the "Mustang Blazer". We found many advertisements in local newspapers from mid November through mid December 1966. All of them featured women; therefore, we think this limited edition Mustang was designed more for women. This advertisement was placed by several dealerships: Grantsville Motor Service, Gratton Ford, Shaffer Ford, Kowell Ford, and Jim Beamer Ford in the November 11th edition of the Cumberland Evening Times of Cumberland, Maryland. The Blazer option was also on the Ford Galaxie 500.

(4 photos of a 1968 Seafoam Green Mustang Challenger Special Hardtop) Another view of Kerry's Seafoam Green 1968 Mustang Challenger Special hardtop with black vinyl roof, white side C-stripes, and argent style GT wheels. Under the hood is a 1968 GT350 302ci V8 with an original dealer modified Shelby intakes and a special 4118 Holley carburetor. The Mustang Challenger was a Mississippi dealer special promotion but similar options and upgrades were offered by other dealers across the nation.

(2 photos of a 2013 Gotta Have It Green Mustang GT Coupe) View of the 2013 Mustang GT, 420hp, 5.0L V8 engine.

(1 photos of a 2019 Dark Highland Green Mustang Bullitt Fastback) This view of the 2019 Mustang Bullitt limited edition Mustang really shows off the unique dark green paint, black 19 inch aluminum wheels, Brembo brakes, simple black front grille, chrome grille trim, and chrome window trim.
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Show Year: [1966] [1967] [1968] [2013] [2019]