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(1 photo of a 1974 Light Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Light Blue 1974 Mustang Ghia luxury coupe with half vinyl roof, wire wheels, body side molding, color keyed sport mirrors, and bumper guards.

(1 photo of a 1974 Medium Bright Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Ford promotional photo of a Medium Bright Blue 1974 Mustang II Ghia luxury coupe with wire wheel covers, blue vinyl roof, bumper guards, body side color-key molding, and color-matched side mirrors.

(6 photos of a 1976 Bright Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Bright Blue 1976 Mustang II with Ghia Luxury Group (half vinyl roof, hood striping, bodyside moldings, velour cloth interior color-keyed sun visors and headliner, and center console) and a 112hp (302ci, 5.0 liter, V8) under the hood. The Ghia Luxury Group was extensive enough in 1974 to 1981 that it became the fourth model number (04 for 1976) selling for $334 more than the standard notchback coupe (or two-door sedan). Ghia was a group of Italian designers which Ford acquired a controlling interest in 1970 who designed the Mustang II models which started in 1974.

(10 photos of a 1976 Silver Blue Glow Mustang Ghia Coupe) This Silver Blue Glow 1976 Mustang II Ghia coupe is in pretty good condition for its age. It has the Ghia luxury options package which includes bumper guards, body side color matched molding, pin striping, a silver blue half vinyl roof, fog lamps, and a luxury interior. This car also has the mid-sized 104hp (at 4000rpm), 170 cubic inch (2.8 liter), 2 barrel, 6 cylinder engine.

(2 photos of a 1977 Bright Aqua Glow Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Bright Aqua Glow Blue 1977 Mustang Ghia coupe with the Ghia half vinyl roof, bumper guards, side molding, sun roof, fog lamps, and wire wheel covers. This car is available in 800x600 pixel wallpaper, 1024x768 pixel wallpaper, and 1280x960 pixel wallpaper.

(8 photos of a 1977 Light Aqua Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Light Aqua 1977 Ghia Mustang II coupe with a bright blue leather interior and a white half vinyl top. This car has the big V8 engine under the hood. There is a V8 emblem on the front end fender. See those extra vertical rubber pieces on the bumper? Those are optional Bumper Guards.

(1 photo of a 1977 Mustang Ghia Promotional Sales Brochure) Page 7 of the 1977 Ford Mustang II promotional booklet shows a Bright Aqua Glow 1997 Mustang Ghia coupe with text describing all the standard Ghia options.

(1 photo of a 1977 Mustang Ghia Promotional Sales Brochure) More information on the luxury optioned Ghia Mustang coupe is shown on this page of the 1977 Ford Mustang promotional brochure.

(5 photos of a 1978 Bright Aqua Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Bright Aqua 1978 Mustang II Ghia coupe with a white vinyl top and a 104hp (at 4000rpm), 170 cubic inch (2.8 liter), 2 barrel, 6 cylinder engine. The 1978 Ghia luxury group included the half vinyl top, bodyside color keyed body side moldings, bumper guards, wheel covers, and a luxury interior.

(1 photo of a 1978 Mustang Ghia Promotional Sales Brochure) Mustang II Ghia. Poetry in motion. Mustang II Ghia is proof-positive that you can get all the elegance and luxury you want in a small car. Savor Ghia's sleek stylish lines. Experience its superb handling, the way it grips the road, its amazing overall comfort. Then there are Ghia's many great standard features. Like a 2.3 litre overhead cam engine; Four-on-the-floor manual transmission; Half-vinyl roof; opera windows; pinstriping; Plush color-keyed 18-oz. cut-pile carpeting; Luxury level all bucket seats; Bright accent moldings; Four Deluxe Wheel Covers (spoke like) and BSW steel-belted radial tires. We could go on and on. But you get the idea. The Mustang II Ghia is really something else... Make your Ghia unmistakably you with optional choices like an AM/FM stereo radio with cassette tape player. four white painted forged aluminum wheels, SelectAire Conditioner, SelectShift automatic transmission, power steering, electric rear window defroster, and many more. The Light Aqua 1978 Mustang II Ghia coupe shown also has the optional Ghia Sports Group package which usually includes bumper guards, four styled steel wheels with trim rings(not shows on this car), 5.0 liter (302 cid) 2V V8 engine, dual sport mirrors, and white sidewall tires.

(8 photos of a 1979 Bright Blue Mustang Ghia Hatchback) Bright Blue 1979 Mustang hatchback with Ghia Luxury Group options and a 139hp (at 3600rpm), 5.0 liter (320ci), 2 barrel V8 engine.

(11 photos of a 1979 Light Medium Blue Mustang Ghia Hatchback) Light Medium Blue 1979 Mustang Ghia hatchback with turbine wheel covers, color keyed mirrors, color keyed rear quarter window louver panels, 5.0 fender emblem, and a 5.0L 2-bbl V8 engine originally rated at 139hp (at 3600rpm).

(1 photo of a 1981 Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Have you ever heard of one of these? The original window sticker called it a 1981 Ford Mustang Ghia Suncoupe. It is owned by Jason Bourdeau from Langley, BC, Canada. The sticker price was $11K. I believe the 'Suncoupe' if for the sunroof and the vinyl top was an aftermarket item. It has a 3.3L 6-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission.

(4 photos of a 1983 Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Azul (blue) 1983 Mustang Ghia Mexico notchback owned by Fabio Agredo from Maracay, Venezuela. Those are "deluxe full wheel covers" which where standard on the L, GL, and GLX. This car is a mix between a US Mustang and a Capri. I haven't seen this notchback body style before. I've only seen the hatchback which has the Capri front end. It has a V6 emblem on the front fender. Fabio tells us, "Desde chamo o para ese año siempre desee tener uno me moria por tenerlo pero era muy chico. Siempre quedo en mi mente ahora pasados los 38 años logre mi sueño un Ghia original con tan solo 35.000 millas, totalmente guardado para mi y la compra fue para celebrar en grande pleno mes de mi cumpleaños, mi mejor regalo. Eso fue una mañana q fui avisitar un cliente y sin querer en el estacionamiento lo vi lleno de polvo logre hablar con su dueña insisti y en ocho meses decidio vendermelo. Lo q queria era q me entregara las llaves y listo pero no fue facil dure casi tres horas hasta q logre sacarlo de su garaje. Ahora lo conservo por eso 'yo y mi mustang mi mustang y yo'" I had help from a Spanish speaking co-worker to translate: "When I was a kid I wish I had one. It has been always in my mind. Now, that I am 38 years old my dream came through, an original Ghia with just 35,000 miles. Just for me. I got it as a birthday present, the best one ever. One morning I went to visit a client and in the parking lot I saw it all dusty. I talked to the owner (a lady) and after 8 months of negotiations I convinced her to sell it to me. I just wanted her to hand over the keys to me. It was not easy to get it out of her garage. It took me 3 hrs to start it. For that reason I keep it. Me and my Mustang, my Mustang and me."

(5 photos of a 1983 Blue Mustang Ghia Coupe) Blue 1983 Mustang Ghia notchback owned by Fabio Agredo from Maracay, Venezuela. Those are factory Mustang hub caps.
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