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(from page 4 of the 1990 Collection) 1990 largest Mustang engine offered, a 225hp (at 4200rpm), 302 cubic inch (5.0 liter), electronic fuel injected, high output V8.

(from page 6 of the 1990 Collection) A stock Saleen engine will put out 225hp at 4200rpm. This one probably puts out a bit more with the addition of a Paxton supercharger. There is a Saleen ID plate mounted on the firewall off to the left. These are placed on factory Saleens.

(from page 7 of the 1990 Collection) A peek under the hood at the 600HP SBF 427 Stroker.

(from page 10 of the 1990 Collection) View of the 5.0L, V8 engine with performance air intake, Monte Carlo bar and brace, and Saleen engine compartment tag in the back. It says Saleen power by Ford on the engine cover.
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