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(8 photos of a 1968 Candy Apple Red Mustang Shelby GT-500KR Fastback) This 1968 Mustang Shelby GT 500 KR fastback was our featured Attitude Of The Week picture for the week starting 8-5-07. It was painted in 1995. The color was changed from Acapulco Blue to Candy Apple Red. This Shelby has the KR 428 Cobra Jet 4V engine with an automatic transmission.

(12 photos of a 1968 Wimbledon White Mustang Shelby GT-350 Fastback) The Wimbledon White with blue Lemans stripes 1968 Mustang Shelby GT-350. This Shelby has a 250 hp, 302 cubic inch, V8 engine; and was the Attitude Of The Week for 9-30-2007. In preparation for 1968 production, Shelby moved its manufacturing site from Southern California to Michigan due to the need of high quality fiberglass which was being used for more of the Shelby components. This car has the 15 x 7 inch 10-spoke aluminum wheels option.

(11 photos of a 1968 Special Yellow Mustang Shelby GT-500KR Fastback) Special order Yellow 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR with a the largest engine offered in 1968, a 335 hp, 428 cubic inch, 4 barrel, Cobra Jet V8. This car has the special order Ford Yellow paint. On the Shelby specification sheet this color was printed at the bottom as "Shelby Unit Spec Paint WT6066" and the door data plate color was left blank. Mid 1968, Shelby introduced the GT-500KR or "King of the Road" which used Ford's new unofficially rated 400hp, 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet engine along with other handling/safety modifications to contain the power.

(11 photos of a 1968 Medium Blue Mustang Shelby GT-350 Fastback) Medium Blue 1968 Shelby GT-350 with J-code 250hp, 302 cubit inch, 4 barrel, V8 engine, and standard GT-350/500 wheels/hubcaps. These wheels have a mag-style hubcap with simulated lug nuts.

(9 photos of a 1968 Presidential Blue Mustang GT Fastback) Presidential Blue 1968 Mustang GT fastback with the C-stripes and special GT hub caps. When you ordered the GT, you had the choice between the C-stripes or rocker panel stripes

(6 photos of a 1968 Acapulco Blue Mustang GT Fastback) Acapulco Blue 1968 Mustang GT with the second largest engine offered in a 1968 Mustang, 325 hp (at 4800 rpm), 390 cubic inch, V8 with a Holley 4 barrel carburetor.

(5 photos of a 1968 Wimbledon White Mustang Shelby GT-500KR Fastback) Wimbledon White 1968 Shelby Mustang GT-500KR with a black interior and dual blue racing stripes. It's dataplate says 63B for fastback body style, M for the Wimbledon White paint, 5AA for the black interior, 18U for the 18th of July, and U for the C-6 automatic transmission.

(15 photos of a 1968 Medium Blue Mustang Shelby GT-500KR Fastback) Medium Blue 1968 Mustang Shelby GT-500KR fastback in its original paint and a restored 400hp, 428ci, 4 barrel, Ram Air, Cobra Jet, V8 engine. The GT-500 King of the Road was introduced midyear and used Mustang's Cobra Jet engine but modified by Shelby to put out 65 more horse power. This photo is available in two wallpaper sizes; 1024-768 wallpaper and 2048-1536 wallpaper.

(14 photos of a 1968 Wimbledon White Mustang Shelby GT-350 Convertible) Wimbledon White 1968 Mustang Shelby GT-350 convertible with a 306hp, 302 cubic inch, Shelby customized 4 barrel V8 engine. This car was restored to its original code M Wimbledon White paint with 1630 Blue stripes, white top, code 6A Black Decor Bucket interior, 302 4V V8 engine, 4 speed transmission, 3.89 rear exle ratio, power disc brakes, power steering, power parchment top, tilt away steering, air conditioning, tach and trip odometer, tinted glass, visibility group, wheel lip moulding, AM radio, and heavy duty battery. It must be incredible with the top down.

(7 photos of a 1968 Dark Green Mustang Shelby GT-500KR Fastback) Dark Green 1968 Mustang Shelby GT-500KR fastback with a 400hp, 428ci, 4 barrel, Cobra Jet V8 engine. Dark Green was the Shelby name for Highland Green paint offered on the normal 1968 Mustang. The 1968 Shelby has custom front fascia, vented hood, side scoops, and rear quarter panel scoops. These came stock with the roll bar.

(7 photos of a 1968 Lime Green Mustang Shelby GT-500 Fastback) Lime Gold metallic (or Lime Green metallic) 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang fastback with a 335hp (at 5200rpm), 428 cubic inch, 4 barrel, Cobra Jet V8 engine. Options on this car include: power steering, power brakes, extra cooling package, heavy duty battery, a 3.50 rear axle gear ratio, tilt-away steering wheel, sport deck rear seat, and decor options group.

(7 photos of a 1968 Raven Black Mustang Shelby GT-350 Fastback) Raven Black 1968 Shelby GT350 fastback with Shelby wheels, front fascia, hood, side scoops, and rear wing.

(5 photos of a 1968 Medium Blue Mustang Shelby GT-500KR Convertible) Medium Blue 1968 Shelby GT500 King of the Road Mustang convertible. Shelby named the D color code Acapulco Blue, Medium Blue keeping the D code on the door tag. This car has its original 335hp (at 5200rpm), 428 cubic inch, 4 barrel, Cobra Jet V8 engine all restored. This car has Lucus fog lamps and the correct covers from 1968.

(9 photos of a 1968 Lime Green Mustang Shelby GT-500 Convertible) The hood says it all, this is a Lime Green 1968 Shelby GT500 convertible, beautifully restored with hood pins, fog lamps, metal rocker trim, Shelby 10 spoke wheels, and an S-code 427ci 4-barrel V8 engine.

(17 photos of a 1968 Wimbledon White Mustang GT California Special Hardtop) Wimbledon White 1968 Mustang GTCS hardtop with standard Argent styled wheels; metal rocker panel trim; black GTCS side stripe; Shelby styled side scoop, hood pins, hood louvers, fog lamps, and rear wing; and a 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8, originally rated at 195hp (at 4600rpm).

(1 photo of a 1968 Medium Blue Mustang Shelby GT-500 Fastback Advertisement) Original advertisement showing a Medium Blue 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang fastback. The ad says, Carroll Shelby's Cobra GT... for the person who wants everything in one car.

(5 photos of a 1968 Gold Mustang Shelby GT-500 Fastback) Gold 1968 Mustang Shelby GT-500 fastback with white rocker stripes. It has the big 428ci engine - characteristic of the GT-500. Those are Shelby custom 15-inch wheels that came with the 1968 Shelby.
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