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1995 GTS Options Package Mustang

GTS Options Package

Ford built a stripped down version of their Mustang GT in 1995. It was called the GTS. The GTS named option was only available in 1995. It continued as the 248A package through 1998. The GTS was a the powertrain of a GT with the characteristics of the Base V6 model. They came without spoilers or fog lamps. They had the same interior as the V6 except for the instruments. They did have the GT badging on the fenders and embossed into the rear bumper. A total of 6370 units were built in 1995.

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Examples of a 1995 GTS Options Package Mustang
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Laser Red GTS Options Package
This is a Laser Red 1993 Mustang GTS coupe. A GTS was basically a stripped down GT. They had many of the Base V6 characteristics, but with the GT engine and badging. They came without rear decklid spoilers, fog lamps, and front air dams. They did have the GT emblems and Mustang GT embossed into the rear bumper. Their interiors were cloth and contained all other Base V6 items but with the GT instrumentation. The GTS model name was only available in 1995, but you could get it as an option through 1998 as the 248A package.

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