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1994 Saleen Mustang

Saleen Mustang

Along with the new Mustang body design came a new line-up of 1994 Saleen Mustangs. They were converted from both V6 and GT convertibles and coupes. New to 1994 were some V6-Sport models with sported Superchargers. Also new in 1994 was the S-351 model which used a custom Saleen 351ci V8. And finally there were a few 480hp Supercharged SR models for racing. See our 1994 Saleen Data Explorer for more information.

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Examples of a 1994 Saleen Mustang
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Deep Forest Green Saleen Mustang
This Deep Forest Green 1994 Mustang GT convertible has been modified with aftermarket Saleen body panels, wheels, and graphics. This is not a factory built Saleen.

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