Grabber Orange 2007 Saleen 302 Parnelli Jones Mustang Coupe
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2007 Grabber Orange Saleen Mustang Parnelli Jones limited edition. Only 500 were made. All were Grabber Orange and coupes. They have a 302ci 3-valve v8 engine, 302 side stripes, shaker hood, race-style hood pins, rear window louvers, 1970 model replica race wings, and billet gas cap.

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  • Photo Information:
    • Interior Color: black
    • Visible Options: 302PJ, shaker hood scoop, hood pins
    • VIN: 1ZVFT82H975264959
    • Owner: from California CA
    • Posted: 08/03/2007
  • Viewer Comments:
    • Great car, but your description says 'Only 100 were made.' Uh... how do you explain the fact that the photo of the production number on the front bumper says 260? I believe they actually made 500 which is still pretty rare and very desirable. [Editor Note: You are right, only 500 were made. The Saleen serial number on the bumper is usually a sequential body number and is not related to the Saleen model but the unit number down there line. So this is the 260th Saleen conversion, not the 260th Parnelli Jones Saleen produced.]
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