Twilight Turquoise Blue 1965 Mustang GT Fastback
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Twilight Turquoise 1965 Mustang GT fastback owned by Paul Sewell from Wilmington, Delaware. It has the A-code 289ci V8 4-barrel engine and a manual transmission. Paul wonders, "Built at Metuchen, NJ plant on 5/28/65. Could this be one of the first of the GTs? IT was built one month after they started offering the GT package."

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  • Photo Information:
    • Interior Color: black
    • Visible Options: styled steel wheels, passenger side mirror, fog lights
    • VIN: 5T09A169577
    • Owner: Paul Sewell ( ) from Wilmington Delaware DE
    • Posted: 01/01/2012
  • Options:
    • Ford Options: (see all 1965 Mustang Options)
    • 289ci 4v 225hp V8 Engine
    • 4-Speed Manual Transmission (V8)
    • GT Grille-Mounted Fog Lamps
    • Right-hand (passenger-side) Mirror
    • Styled Steel Wheels (V8)
  • Viewer Comments:
    • They started building 65 GTs at the end of february. I have April 9th built GT Fastback. So I dont think your car is one of the first built
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