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TODAY'S RESULTS 1/16/2019...
(from the 2000_00010_03 Collection) Crystal White 2000 Mustang GT Steeda convertible, overhead view. It has a tan colored interior.

(from the 1967_00113_05 Collection) Nice blacked out rear end of the Eleanor Shelby.

(from the 1969_00040_02 Collection) Royal Maroon 1969 Mustang Mach 1 fastback, right front view. Check out the muscle in the background. A firebird to the left and a cuda to the right!

(from the 1969_00060_02 Collection) Tom's Calypso Coral 1969 Mach 1 Mustang has a blacked out hood. This was an option in 1969.

(from the 2002_00012_01 Collection) Black 2002 Mustang Saleen S281-SC coupe owned by Gerardo Gallegos from Corpus Christi, Texas. It has a supercharged 281ci V8 engine with a manual transmission. Gerardo tells us, "I bought the car from my sister. She bought it with 40 miles on the clock and put in 11,000 miles on it in a 1.5 years. I bought it in December 2004 and had it ever since. It's all stock has the Mach 1000 stereo system upgraded wheels 18x10 in the rear upgraded rotors and Saleen calipers. I mainly use it for car shows, cruise nights, and on nice sunny days. I've only driven the car once in the rain, I was caught coming from a car show."

(from the 1969_00102_01 Collection) Red 1969 Mach 1 Mustang fastback owned by Mark Houseman from Hahira, Georgia. Mark adds, "I just purchased this 1969 Mustang 'R' code 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air 4-speed. It has 41071 original miles. The previous owners had it since it was less than a year old, almost a 'one owner' car. It is bone stock but had a paint/color change when it was a year old. Some where along the line the interior was changed from white to black (I don't understand why anyone would do that.)"

(from the 1969_00103_02 Collection) Rear end shot of Mark's yellow 1969 Mustang fastback.

(from the 1970_00125_02 Collection) Rear left view of a Grabber Orange 1970 Mustang Mach 1 fastback with rear window sport slats (louvers), flat black rear decklid spoiler, and honeycomb tail light panel.

(from the 1970_00028_04 Collection) The paint has a lot of depth in this shot.

(from the 1970_00010_09 Collection) Red 1970 Mustang Boss 302 fastback, right side view.

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