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(from the 1969 Collection Pages) Mustang E was aimed at the Economy minded customer. This newspaper article was published in the November 17, 1968 edition of the Independent Press Telegram from Long Beach, California. The article takes many quotes from John Naughton, Ford’s vice president and general manager. The article is very similar to those published in many other newspapers around the same time. John Naughton is quoted, “The new Mustang ‘E’ will meet the limited, but particular, requirements of customers who want sport car appearance and handling combined with outstanding economy. This new Mustang will provide up to 15 per cent greater fuel economy than Mustangs equipped with similar drivetrain components.” It states that the economy is mostly due to the 2.33 rear end and larger than stock torque converter.

(from the 1970 Collection Pages) Charles Gabus Ford in Des Moines, Iowa had a bran new 1970 Mustang Sidewinder on their lot! It was advertised as having a 351ci 4V engine, power steering, competition suspension, traction lock differential, and a shaker hood scoop. This ad is from the January 1, 1971 edition of the Des Moines Register. They had it discounted to $3237.00 from $3685.70. That's a 12% discount! Someone got a great deal! Charles Gabus Ford was running a sale to reduce inventory on their 1970 models.

(from the 1968 Collection Pages) The Feburary 27, 1968 edition of the Eureka Time Standard from Eureka, California had this Harper Ford ad for the 1968 Rainbow Sale promotion Mustangs. This ad is a little different as they describe six Mustangs they have in stock. Three are stock colors; a Sunlit Gold hardtop and two Wimbledon White hardtops. Three are special order colors; a Meadowlark Yellow hardtop, a Brittney Blue hardtop, and a Diamond Blue hardtop. Each has the 302ci V8 and an automatic transmission. The Diamond Blue paint was a stock Mustang color in 1967.

(from the 2018 Collection Pages) Check out this Ingot Silver 2018 Mustang GT coupe.

(from the 2018 Collection Pages) Check out this 2018 Mustang GT painted in Kona Blue. This color returns after it disappeared in 2015.
(from the 2018 Collection Pages) A shot of the Kona Blue 2018 Mustang GT driving down the coast.

(from the 2018 Collection Pages) Check out this Magnetic 2018 Mustang GT coupe. The 5.0-liter V8 is both port and direct fuel injected. Transmission choices are the 6-speed manual or the 10-speed automatic. The hood is 20cm lower than the 2017 model.
(from the 2018 Collection Pages) The lower rear diffuser has been changed over the 2017 model as well.
(from the 2018 Collection Pages) Here is a peek inside. It has black leather seats.
(from the 2018 Collection Pages) The wide center console is wrapped in leather. The instruments are digital. It has Apple Play!

(from the 2018 Collection Pages) Ford promotional photo of a 2018 Mustang GT in the new Orange Fury exterior paint. New paint colors include Orange Fury tri-coat metallic and Royal Crimson tinted clear coat and the return of Kona Blue. On the outside there is a list of redesigned features: front grille, hood with new hood vents, LED turn signals and optional fog lamps, front fenders, rear end, tri-bar LED taillamps, quad exhaust tips for the GT, optional over-the-top racing stripes, and 12 optional wheels.
(from the 2018 Collection Pages) Right front view of an Orange Fury 2018 Mustang GT. New for 2018 on the inside ere are new patterns and colors for seats, optional heated steering wheel with leather, optional new 12-inch all-digital display instrument cluster, new hand-stitched center console, and optional SYNC Connect with FordPass.
(from the 2018 Collection Pages) Another Ford promotional photo of a 2018 Mustang GT in the new Orange Fury paint. For more 2018 performance: the 5.0L V8 and 2.3L EcoBoost has more torque, optional 10-speed automatic transmission, optional active valve performance exhaust, upgraded chassis for improved ride and handling, and optional MagneRide damping system.
(from the 2018 Collection Pages) This rear view shows off the newly designed rear end of the Mustang with cool rear decklid spoiler, tri-bar LED tail lamps and quad exhaust tips.
(from the 2018 Collection Pages) This promotional card from Ford shows what is new in 2018 for the Mustang.

(from the 2012 Collection Pages) Jim Hessler owns this Performance White 2012 Mustang GT Kentucky Speedway Pace Car. It has the 302ci (5.0L) V8 engine and a manual transmission. This one is is autographed by NASCAR Sprint cup driver Carl Edwards. Only 46 were built. This is number 44. Jim purchased it 4 months ago from a Ford dealer in Pennsylvania.
(from the 2012 Collection Pages) Another shot of Jim's Performance White 2012 Mustang GT Kentucky Speedway Pace Car.

(from the 1965 Collection Pages) Silver Smoke Gray Metallic 1965 Mustang hardtop owned by Richard Estrella from Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 2nd, 2017. Richard shares, "We are second owners. It is Arizona car and we bought it in 1973 (HS car). I restored it in 1988/89 and painted it to original color code K-Silver Smoke Grey Metallic paint and interior is restored to original white as well. It is a 6 Cylinder numbers matching car and the only big change is I installed a Tremec 5 Speed Trans back in 2008. We now live in Colorado where it shares a garage with a 1966 (code Q7) Brittany Blue Mustang GT Coupe we have owned 20+ years."
(from the 1965 Collection Pages) Richard's Silver Smoke Gray Metallic 1965 Mustang hardtop is very stock looking. It even wears a set of stock hub caps and white wall tires. Unlike today, most cars back in the day had hubcaps and white wall tires.
(from the 1965 Collection Pages) Silver Smoke Gray Metallic 1965 Mustang hardtop, right side view. Passenger side mirrors was a rare option in the 1960s.

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