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(from the 2008 Collection Pages) NEW POST Vapor 2008 Roush P51A Mustang coupe owned by LeRoy Hummel from Willingboro, New Jersey. It has a 4.6L Supercharged engine and a manual transmission. Leroy tells us, "I had previously owned a 2007 Blue 427R and was looking for a Mustang for a friend, and came across this 2008 P51a. The private dealer who I bought it from, obtained it from a friend who had passed, who also collected cars and had it in warehouse. I have owned for approx. 3 months now. It has only 7500 miles on it, and it is #19 of 151 produced ." There is no doubt that this Roush is rated at 510 horsepower.
(from the 2008 Collection Pages) NEW POST Another shot of Leroy's Vapor 2008 Roush P-51A Mustang coupe.
(from the 2008 Collection Pages) NEW POST LeyRoy's Vapor 2008 Roush P51A Mustang coupe at a car show.
(from the 2008 Collection Pages) NEW POST The front seats have P-51A embroidered on them.
(from the 2008 Collection Pages) NEW POST This serial number plate indicates that it's number 19 of 151 produced by Roush.

(from the 2019 Collection Pages) NEW POST Velocity Blue 2019 Shelby GT350R coupe owned by Tim Stieve from Wausau, Wisconsin. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting July 14, 2019. Tim sent shared this photo because we didn't have any Velocity Blue 2019s on our site yet. Tim adds, "Ordered 9/18. Received 6/19. The car will be tracked after break in but for now. Saw its first National Show (MCA) 4 days after receiving it." The GT350R (like the GT350) has a huge 526 horsepower 5.2L naturally aspirated Flat Plane Crank V8 engine. The "R" is lighter than the regular Shelby due to carbon fiber components - such as the wheels. It adds heavy duty springs and oil/trans/diff coolers.

(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST This is a mini sales brochure for the 1976 Mustang which was mailed to potential new owners of the Mustang. It includes photos and information for all the variations of the Mustang including special and limited edition packages. On the cover is a partial view of a Bright Yellow hatchback with black lower trim and bright grille which is the same as those found on the 1976 Mach 1 Mustang. The rest of the photo is on the back of the brochure. We think there is Mach 1 lettering just behind the front wheel, but it is difficult to confirm.
(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST This is the first page on the inside of the mini 1976 Mustang sales brochure which includes a summary of what is inside. Models include the Mustang II MPG, Mustang II Limited Edition, Mustang II Cobra II, Mustang II Mach 1, Mustang II Stallion, and Mustang II Ghia.
(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST This page shows two 1976 models: the Mustang II MPG and the Mustang II Limited Edition. The text reads, Looking for extra value... Mustang II MPG The Mustang II to come to when you want Mustang looks and sportiness. Available in Hardtop and 2x2 versions, Mustang II MPG is the lowest priced Mustang II. Standard equipment includes color-keyed urethane bumpers; wheel covers; low-back bucket seats; integral armrests; cut-pile carpeting; burled walnut wood tone appliques. And all for a base sticker price as low as $3,525. Mustang II Limited Edition. $137 worth of extras at no extra charge! Right now your Ford Dealer offers you a new Mustang II 2-Door Hardtop or 2+2 model with such appearance items as: special lower body Tu-Tone paint combination - dual accent bodyside tape stripes - styled steel wheels with trim rings - unique seat inserts - brushed aluminum instrument panel applique... a regular $137 retail value... at no extra charge... and you can order sporty aluminum wheels on your Limited Edition Mustang II for only $97. (Regular sticker price $182).
(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST The Mustang II Cobra II and the Mustang II Mach 1 is featured on this page of the mini 1976 Mustang sales brochure. The text reads, Mustang II Cobra II: Driving excitement lives again! In 1965 Carrol Shelby introduced the performance world to a machine that was to become a legend: the Shelby Cobra. Based on Mustang's solid roadability, the Cobra included refinements that made it one of road racing's most popular and overwhelming performers. Now, welcome the 1976 Cobra II, a today version of its forebearer with the same looks and "makes something happen" appearance. And Cobra II "happens": bold racing stripes, blackout grille, racing mirrors, quarter window louvers, front air dam, decklid spoiler, brushed aluminum instrument panel and door appliques, Cobra insignia. On the road, Cobra II puts down styled steel wheels with Cobra logo and trim rings, plus BR70 steel-belted radials. Colors? White-and-blue or the new black-and-gold look. Cobra II: Uncoil one! (Shown with optional forged aluminum wheels.) Mustang II Mach 1 a flair for the road. And colorful, too. Go red like the Mach 1 shown. Or in a full array of sporty colors all fronted by a bright grille and moldings. Mach 1 also moves out with black lower bodysides, bumpers and back panel; styled steel wheels and trim rings; RWL wide-oval steel-belted radials. And that liftgate opens up on 22.8 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seat folded down. If you have a flair for going, take a Mach 1 along.
(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST The Stallion and Ghia Mustang models are featured on this page of the 1976 min Mustang sales brochure. The text reads, Mustang II Stallion: just for the "kicks" of it. And "kicks" is what Mustang II Stallion is all about. Decidedly different Stallion trim and ornamentation set apart in the available Hardtop and 2+2 versions. Special blackout body panels; blackout grille, wiper arms, window moldings, lower front and rear bumper; special Stallion ID, and styled steel wheels. Mustang II Stallion can add to your free wheelin' times. Try one for "kicks." (Shown with optional forged aluminum wheels). Mustang II Ghia top of the breed for luxury. This is the Mustang II to turn to for luxury and sportiness. Imagine Mustang II's sporty ways tuned in with your choice of a full- or half-vinyl roof; opera windows; dual accent paint stripes; color-keyed vinyl insert bodyside moldings; deluxe wheel covers; steel-belted radials. Inside you have a choice of cloth-and-vinyl trim; deluxe door trim; cut-pile carpeting; special soundproofing. Imagine all that and Mustang II! Ghia makes it happen.
(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST Options for the 1976 Mustang is featured on this page of the mini sales brochure. The text reads, Options can mean a lot. And do. A big part of the fun involved in picking out a Mustang II, in addition to the number of models available, is the wide array of options to help you make Mustang II fit your individual ideas of looks, luxury, comfort and performance. A few of them are listed here (Your Ford Dealer has the complete picture.) 1 Console - Stores personal items, serves as an armrest and adds to Mustang II's sporty interior appearance. Color-keyed to the interior trim. 2. Moonroof. Manually operated. Lets the outdoors in. Looks good, too. (2-Door models. Sunroof also available.) 3. Styled steel wheels and trim rings. Bright, good looking, distinctive. Put your style show on the road. AM/FM stereo and tape player is just one of the fine Ford sound systems engineered for your Mustang II. Eight-track automatic or manual tape channel indexing, plus then channel settings (five AM and five FM). 5. Rallye Package for more moves with Mustang II. Includes Traction-Lok differential (delivers engine power to rear wheel with the most traction to get out of slippery sports), competition suspension, extra cooling package, and more. Includes dual chrome exhaust extension. 6. Leather-wrapped steering wheel is more than looks - more comfortable and surer grip. 7. Vinyl half roof and fixed opera window and an extra touch of styling distinction (Ghia only). 8. Luggage rack for rear deck. Lets you take more of what you want with you. Neat looking, too.
(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST The last inside page of this mini sales brochure for 1976 shows off the distinctively striped Cruising Van; the Limited Production E-150 Econoline Van with special multicolor Rainbow paint treatment, silver metallic upper and rear panels, black lower side panels, black hood and roof treatment, side porthole window with black glass, and much more. There is also a peek inside. On the bottom a short-box, half-tone, Flareside Pickup is shown with optional pin stripe accent package and dealer installed wheels.
(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST Here is the front and back cover of the mini Mustang sales brochure combined into one image. It is a Bright Yellow hatchback with black lower trim, bright grille and sporty styled steel wheels with trim rings. It might be a Mach 1.
(from the 1976 Collection Pages) NEW POST This is a scan of the original mailing envelope for this mini sales brochure.

(from the 1970 Collection Pages) NEW POST This is a Ford ad for the 1970 Mach 1 Mustang. It is a four page ad with a fold out. This one has the optional 351 under the hood.
(from the 1970 Collection Pages) NEW POST Here is the fold out with the text saying, Take off and... ...run with Number One. Mustang 1970 And you'll run any way you like. Only Mustang gives you so many ways to go. 6 fresh models, including a low-priced Mustang hardtop, hot Mach 1, luxurious Grande, new Boss 302 Mustang. Power yours your way: Choose from 9 engines all the way up to the street version of Mustang's competition Boss 429. Choose your roofstyle . . . new Landau, SportsRoof, hardtop, convertible. And don't forget all the great Mustang standards: sporty floor shift, highback buckets, wall-to-wall carpet, self adjusting brakes, many others. Start running to your Ford Dealer's. He's got the One for you.

(from the 1966 Collection Pages) NEW POST David Armocido sends us these photos of his 1966 St. Patrick's Day Special Mustang. David says, Mustang is a one of one(color) car that was painted a special green color for Harrold Ford of Sacramento, California for the 1966 St. Patrick Day Parade. Harrold Ford started in 1911 and is still operating today. Color has been verified by Window Sticker showing Special Paint, No Charge, family members of Ellsworth Harrold Ford, The original owner, and additional information obtained by the Marty Report Company in Arizona, and by the color delete on the VIN. I purchased the car from the second owner in November 2002. It was a father daughter project. This amazing car is our Attitude Of The Week starting June 30, 2019.
(from the 1966 Collection Pages) NEW POST Peek inside David's 1966 St Patrick Day Parade Mustang.
(from the 1966 Collection Pages) NEW POST View of the 200 cubic inch, 1-barrel, in-line 6-cylinder engine popular with many special order paint Mustangs.

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