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(from the 2002 Collection Pages) NEW POST Here is a rare one. Only 100 Cobras were built in 2002. All were sent to Australia. Gordon Cox owns this Zinc Yellow 2002 Cobra convertible. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting October 23, 2017. It has the 4.6L V8 engine and a manual transmission. Gordon tells us, "Owned six years, fitted lowered progressive rate springs and 10's and 9' rims. Believed to be one of only five Zinc Yellow 2002 Cobra convertibles in existence."
(from the 2002 Collection Pages) NEW POST It's a right-hand-drive Cobra.

(from the 1969 Collection Pages) This is a 4.1 Liter Special 1969 Mustang fastback. These came originally with the 250ci/4.1L 6-cylinder engine. This Mustang wears Special Paint Orange paint WT5108 as identified by a paint chip sent to Marti Auto Works. The paint code on the data plate is blank. It has the code 2A black vinyl standard bucket seats, code 6 3.00 conventional rear axle, and the code 1 three-speed manual transmission. It has the order number of 460574 for the Indianapolis Ordering District. It was scheduled to be built on May 5, 1969 (May 26 actual) and delivered to Jordan Motors Inc. from Mishawaka Indiana. Other options included: Sports Appearance Group with Tape Stripe, E78x14 Wide Oval White Sidewall Tires, AM Radio, and Wheel Covers.
(from the 1969 Collection Pages) Here is the other side of this orange 4.1 Liter Special 1969 Mustang fastback. It still wears the side tape stripes.
(from the 1969 Collection Pages) Rear lower quarters are cut out. Mustang emblem on the c-pillar is missing.
(from the 1969 Collection Pages) Rear quarter is cut on this side as well. Interior is black in color.
(from the 1969 Collection Pages) It had a spoiler (or two) mounted on the decklid at one time.
(from the 1969 Collection Pages) The 4.1L 6-cylinder engine is gone. It should look like the engine in this 4.1 Liter Special.
(from the 1969 Collection Pages) It has the automatic in it. The invoice said it came with a 3-speed manual transmission. We were under the impression that 4.1 Liter Specials came with automatic transmissions.

(from the 1967 Collection Pages) Check out this Dusk Rose 1967 Mustang fastback. It's owned by Mats from Sweden. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting September 10, 2017. Mats says its special order number 718000. We have records that this special order number also included Dusk Rose hardtops ordered by Foulger Ford in Monrovia California.

(from the 2008 Collection Pages) Check out Jesse's custom Shelby GT500 with custom Shelby wheels, Nitto wheels, and rear quarter window vents. Nice.
(from the 2008 Collection Pages) Nice rear left view of Jesse's 2008 GT500 showing off its unique Shelby wheels and rear quarter window panels.
(from the 2008 Collection Pages) Another view of Jesse's GT500 with aftermarket Shelby wheels and Nitto performance tires.
(from the 2008 Collection Pages) Closeup of those Carroll Shelby CS1 20x11 Wheel in Gunmetal finish with Nitto performance tires
(from the 2008 Collection Pages) Here is Jesse and his GT500 at the 2017 Mustang Roundup in Bellevue WA.

(from the 1968 Collection Pages) This Candy Apple Red, 1968, Shelby GT350 Mustang convertible is owned by David Arganbright of Philadelphia. It has its Shelby 10 spoke wheels, white lower side GT350 stripe, side scoops, roll bar, vented hood, and Shelby front and rear end tail. Nice!
(from the 1968 Collection Pages) Rear left view of David's 1968 Shelby GT350 convertible in Candy Apple Red exterior paint. This photo really shows off the Shelby rear wing, sequential taillights, and roll bar. The roll bar for the fastback model had its seatbelts attached high on it. They were redesigned for the convertible as well as the whole rear end wing to better match the fastback.
(from the 1968 Collection Pages) Nice view of the interior showing off the wood trim panels, Shelby steering wheel badge, and Shelby signature.
(from the 1968 Collection Pages) View of the J-code 302ci V8 engine which was standard on the GT350 back in 1968.

(from the 1974 Collection Pages) This Medium Copper (Chestnut) 1974 Mach 1 is owned by Bobby Aldrich and is our Attitude of the Week starting August 28, 2017. Bobby writes, I bought my 1974 Mustang Mach1 project car from Arnold Marks at Mustangs Etc. in Van Nuys, CA. in July of 2015. The car had been sitting with 152K and a broken off crank pulley bolt since 1986. I had the car shipped to me after seeing a few pictures of it. I love the original cooper color with tan interior. I like my cars some what stock looking. I found the engine was not original to the car and with all of the parts that were missing, I decided to added and delete options to make the car the way I would have ordered it in 1974. It had a 2.8L V6, C/4, A/C, P/S, PB and a 6 3/4" rear end with 3:55 gears. The options I chose were a 2.3L that gave you a $ 229 credit when ordered on the Mach 1. A 4 speed, PB, No A/C or P/S, a 8" rear end with 3:00 gears. Ford didn't offer 3:00 in 74 I just had to have the freeway gears, console, clock, deluxe door panels, rear sway bar and a AM FM 8 track stereo. I also added aftermarket rear window louvers. I've done all of the work on the car myself and made all of the changes the way they would have been done at the factory, I used all of the correct parts including wire harnesses. I used NOS and reproduction parts when I could find them and reconditioned used parts when I had to. 1974 Mustangs are even rare among Mustang II's in 2016. I have found the 1974's have many unique one year only parts. I will use the car for weekend driving and car shows along with my four other Mustang II's.

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