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(10 photos of a 1964 Pagoda Green Mustang Convertible) Pagoda Green (its in the sun, take a look at the other photos in this set to better see the color) 1964 Mustang convertible with a 289 cubic inch, 4 barrel, V8 engine that was originally rated at 210hp (at 4400rpm). This particular engine was only offered on the Mustang in 1964. The door data tag of this car reads: 76A convertible body style with standard seats, B Pagoda Green exterior paint, 86 black vinyl seats, 25F scheduled for assembly on the 25th of June 1964, 1 3.00:1 rear axle ratio, and 5 4 speed manual transmission. This car was originally ordered in the Ohio area. The steel styled wheels are not original to this car.

(1 photo of a 1964 Rangoon Red Mustang Convertible) This 1999 33 cent stamp from the United States Postal Service features a 1964 Rangoon Red Mustang convertible. The stamp is one of 15 saluting the 1960s as part of the postal service's "Celebrate the Century" program to honor the people, places, events and trends of each decade of this century.

(5 photos of a 1964 Phoenician Yellow Mustang Convertible) This is a Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang convertible shown at the 10th annual River City Mustang and All Ford Show at Uftring Ford in East Peoria, Illinois. The show was held on September 20th. It was overcast most of the morning. It was raining when I arrived to take photos.

(2 photos of a 1964 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure) This page of the 1964 Ford Mustang promotional brochure shows some of the options including: Rally Pac, Ford Air Conditioner, Convertible Power Top, Accent Stripe and Rocker Panel Molding Package. The top photo is shown the full center console, automatic transmission, AM radio, and color matched seat belts.

(3 photos of a 1964 Raven Black Mustang Convertible) Raven Black 1964 Mustang convertible at the 2010 MCA Grand Nationals held in Bellevue, Washington. This 1964 has later generation Magnum 500 wheels.

(5 photos of a 1964 Poppy Red Mustang Convertible) Poppy Red 1964 Mustang convertible photographed at the 2010 Mustang Club of America Grand Nationals car show held in Bellevue, Washington. The sun was out and you can really see the orange in this red paint. This car has a great white/parchment interior and steel styled wheels.

(1 photo of a 1964 Mustang Convertible) That is Henry Ford II in front of the Ford Motor Wonder Rotunda at the introduction of the Mustang at the World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York, on April 17, 1964. In back (up high) is the Magic Skyway where you could ride in a bunch of different new Ford convertibles (including the Mustang) through Disney designed animated sets.

(3 photos of a 1964 Twilight Turquoise Blue Mustang Convertible) Twilight Turquoise 1964 Mustang convertible with a white top and white interior. It has the 289ci V8 4 bbl with an automatic transmission. Check out the hubcaps with spinners!

(1 photo of a 1964 Wimbledon White Mustang Convertible) mustang Ford promotional photo of a Wimbledon White 1964 Mustang convertible with red vinyl interior, full wheel covers, and metal rocker panel trim.

(6 photos of a 1964 Wimbledon White Mustang Convertible) This is a very early Mustang convertible. It was built in February 1964. The assembly line wasn't fully rolling out Mustangs until a month later. This one was on display at the Ford world headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. It has a red interior and black convertible top. I've read that this Mustang was fitted with rumble seat from Ford. It has long since been removed.

(6 photos of a 1964 Pace Car White Mustang Indianapolis Pace Car Convertible) This is the real deal. It's the actual White 1964 Mustang convertible that paced the Indianapolis 500 race. There was two others built especially for pacing the race (VIN 5F08F100240 and 5F08F100242). The others have yet to be found. These three Mustangs were modified by Holman-Moody with modified 289ci V-8 engines (originally they had stock 260s), lowered/stiffened suspension, grab bars (back seat side panels), two-way radios, and flag mounts. This one was listed on eBay with a reserve of $1,099,000.00

(2 photos of a 1964 Wimbledon White Mustang Indianapolis Pace Car Convertible) There were thirty-five 1964 Indy Pace Car convertibles used as Dignitary Cars for the race. They were built with red, white, or blue interiors. They were auctioned to dealerships and sold to the public after the race event. They were also known as festival cars, probably because they circled the track at the 500 Festival Open Invitation - a PGA Tour event in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1964. A couple are known to still exist today.

(2 photos of a 1964 Raven Black Mustang Magic Skyway Convertible) At the Ford Motor Wonder Rotunda at the 1964 World's Fair in New York was a ride called the Magic Skyway built by Walt Disney. Twelve early production 1964 Mustangs where converted for use on this ride. They were 5F08F cars sequenced 100003 through 100014. Later in the year, the cars were removed and replaced with 65 models. They were converted back to stock and sold used. Some are known to still exist today.
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