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(from page 1 of the 2017 Collection) This 2017 Ingot Silver Saleen Yellow Label has a 715 horsepower, 302 cubic inch, supercharged 5.0L V8, and Saleen 302 styling package. The 2017 Saleen starting price of the Yellow Label was $54,995. Those are 20 inch 5 spoke black Saleen wheels.
(from page 1 of the 2017 Collection) This view shows off the Saleen axial front grille, Saleen vented hood, Saleen windshield banner, and Saleen front badge number.
(from page 1 of the 2017 Collection) This shows the Saleen high downforce rear spoiler, Saleen taillight panel, and Saleen 302 exhaust.
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