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8 cars (73 pictures) found: year of "2003", model of "Saleen", grouped by car

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(11 photos of a 2003 Sonic Blue Saleen S281 Mustang Coupe) Sonic Blue 2003 Mustang Saleen S281 coupe with a Saleen tuned, 290hp (at 5100rpm), 4.6 liter (281ci), single overhead cam, V8 engine.

(18 photos of a 2003 Dark Shadow Gray Saleen S281-SC Mustang Convertible) Dark Shadow Gray 2003 Mustang Saleen S281-SC owned by S. Raleigh from Riverton, Utah. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 2nd, 2010. It has a Saleen factory serial number of 03-257. The owner tells us, "It is a supercharged convertible speedster. I found the car on KSL.com (a local news channel) want-ad website. The first owner parked it in storage to keep as a collector car. I found it four years later with only 549 miles on it. It's 1 of 3 in same features and color combo for 2003."

(11 photos of a 2003 Redfire Red Saleen S281-SC Mustang Coupe) Redfire 2003 Mustang Saleen S281 S/C coupe all cleaned up and sitting out in the snow. The S/C stands for Super Charger. Yes, this Saleen has a supercharger. This car is a factory Saleen - ID number 03-0260. Saleen body modifications include urethane front and rear fascia, urethane side skirts, louvered side scoops, a rear spoiler, special "C" pillar treatment, and a lightweight vented composite hood.

(5 photos of a 2003 Black Saleen S281-SC Mustang Coupe) Black 2003 Mustang Saleen S-281SC Supercharged coupe with a gray interior and 5-spoke chrome Saleen wheels. The non-supercharged Saleen engine has 290hp. The Supercharger adds 85 horsepower! Hang on! This is a Factory Saleen - ID number 03-160.

(3 photos of a 2003 Black Saleen S281 Cobra Mustang Convertible) This is a rare 2003 Saleen S281 Cobra. Saleen only converted five Speedster convertible Cobras in 2003. The Saleen comes with a supercharged 4.6L V8 Cobra engine with 390hp. All 5 Saleen Cobras include: Satin Silver (#03-121), Sonic Blue (#03-251), Black (#03-386),Zinc Yellow (#03-376), and Lizstick Red (#03-011).

(10 photos of a 2003 Dark Shadow Gray Saleen S281 Mustang Convertible) Dark Shadow Gray 2003 Mustang Saleen S-281 Speedster convertible with a black interior and a Sport Bar. This one is a factory conversion - ID number 03-0226. See the ID number 226 on the front bumper?

(5 photos of a 2003 Black Saleen S281 Cobra Mustang Coupe) Here's a rare one. It's a Black 2003 Mustang Cobra Saleen S-281 coupe. Saleen only converted six Cobra coupes into Saleens. This is factory serial number 03-0250.

(10 photos of a 2003 Zinc Yellow Saleen S281-E Mustang Coupe) Zinc Yellow 2003 Mustang Saleen S281-E Extreme coupe with a black interior. Extreme is for the big 445 horsepower supercharged engine under the hood. Only four Saleen Extreme coupes where made in 2003.
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