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4 pictures (4 cars) found: year of "1969", view of "engine", options of "G-code"

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(from page 2 of the 1969 Collection) View of the 1969, Ford, Mustang, G-code, 302 cubic inch, 4 barrel, Boss V8 originally rated at 290hp (at 5800rpm).

(from page 17 of the 1969 Collection) The only way you could get the 302ci V8 engine in a Mustang, was to purchase a Boss 302. This engine put out 290 horse power. This motor is a Boss 302 C8FE Trans Am racing block, with a .020 overbore, Viniola forged pistons, ARP rod bolts, Melling H/V oil pump, Mildon water pump, C9ZE heads ported with Manley severe duty valves, Ford motorsports springs, 1.6 Ford SVO roller rockers, C9Z factory aluminum intake, a D0ZE Boss crank turned .010/.010, and a with a 70 Boss balancer.

(from page 22 of the 1969 Collection) A redone 1969, Mustang Boss, G-code, 290hp (at 5800rpm), 302 cubic inch, 4 barrel, V8 engine. The rebuild included new pistons, rings, bearings timing gear chain, pumps etc; date correct carburetor by Pony Carb; rebuilt distributor by Distributor Dynamics with a rebuilt X12 advance; new Boss 302 alternator from AMK, and a correct year rebuilt water pump.

(from page 35 of the 1969 Collection) View of the 1969, Ford, Mustang, G-code, 302 cubic inch, V8 engine with chrome air cleaner cover.
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