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Paint Chips - Chrysler 1983 Fleet
Chrysler 1983 Fleet Detailed List of all Paint Codes

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1983 Chrysler: showing only paint chip pages, click here to include information pages

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Page 1: 1983 Chrysler exterior paint chips (next page)   Anchor page to compare
Paint chip pages are presented for research use only. Company marks, emblems, and page design are trademarks and/or service marks of PPG.
Please respect the time and $$$ it took to acquire these paint chip pages and post them for you to view, you may copy but do not republish.

1983 Chrysler models:
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Challenger   (chips, detail)
Colt   (chips, detail)
Dodge Truck   (chips, detail)
Dodge   (chips, detail)
[Fleet]   (chips, detail)
Plymouth   (chips, detail)
Chrysler   (chips, detail)

Detailed Model Paint List:
1983 Fleet paint names

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(custom chip list, more detail)
DT1012 White
DT1021 White
DT1025 White
DT1025 White
DT1056 White
DT1067 White
DT1069 Yellow
DT1073 White
DT1084 White
DT1084 White
DT1087 White
DT1097 Gray
DT1099 Gray
DT1100 White
DT1104 White
DT1106 Gray
DT1113 Yellow
DT1121 Yellow
DT1123 Gray
DT1125 White
DT1138 Yellow
DT1154 Yellow
DT1158 Gray
DT1166 Gray
DT1179 Gray
DT1181 White
DT1189 White
DT1195 Yellow
DT1208 Yellow
DT1213 Beige
DT1214 Yellow
DT1215 Gray
DT1219 White
DT1220 White
DT1228 Gray
DT1230 White
DT1240 Yellow
DT1246 Yellow
DT1255 Gray
DT1261 Cream
DT1263 Cream
DT1264 Yellow
DT1269 Gray
DT1269 Gray
DT1271 Gray
DT1278 Gray
DT1280 White
DT1280 White
DT1286 Yellow
DT1288 White
DT1288 White
DT1295 Gray
DT1298 Gray
DT1303 Gray
DT1304 Silver
DT1310 Yellow
DT1311 White
DT1315 Gray
DT1326 Gray
DT1328 White
DT1328 White
DT1329 Gray
DT1331 Yellow
DT1336 Yellow
DT1339 Gray
DT1340 Gray
DT1344 White
DT1351 Gray
DT1352 Beige
DT1356 Yellow
DT1358 Yellow
DT1359 Gray
DT1361 White
DT1367 Yellow
DT1368 Gray
DT1369 Gray
DT1370 Gray
DT1377 Gray
DT1379 Gray
DT1388 Gray
DT1389 Gray
DT1392 Gray
DT1395 White
DT1397 Silver
DT1408 Gray
DT1412 Yellow
DT1414 White
DT1415 Yellow
DT1416 Yellow
DT1417 White
DT1418 Gray
DT1429 Gray
DT1430 White
DT1432 Gray
DT1434 White
DT1435 White
DT1436 White
DT1438 Gray
DT1439 Gray
DT1441 White
DT1442 Beige
DT1443 Gray
DT1445 White
DT1459 White
DT1464 White
DT1466 White
DT1469 White
DT1473 Yellow
DT1488 Yellow
DT1489 Gray
DT1499 White
DT1499 White
DT1503 White
DT1504 Yellow
DT1509 Gray
DT1509 White
DT1511 White
DT1526 Gray
DT1528 Gray
DT1529 White
DT1545 Silver
DT1547 Gray
DT1554 Gray
DT1556 White
DT1563 White
DT1569 White
DT1574 White
DT1578 Gray
DT1581 White
DT1582 Gray
DT1584 Gray
DT1585 Gray
DT1592 Gray
DT1596 Gray
DT1597 Gray
DT1604 Gray
DT1606 Gray
DT1607 Gray
DT1608 Gray
DT1609 Burnished Silver
DT1610 Gray
DT1612 Gray
DT1625 White
DT1626 Gray
DT1627 White
DT2001 Yellow
DT2001 Yellow
DT2003 Cream
DT2006 Brown
DT2009 Yellow
DT2015 Yellow
DT2015 Yellow
DT2020 Yellow
DT2023 Cream
DT2024 Cream
DT2025 Yellow
DT2038 Yellow
DT2048 Cream
DT2058 Yellow
DT2062 Yellow
DT2063 Yellow
DT2068 Yellow
DT2072 Yellow
DT2077 Yellow
DT2080 Yellow
DT2095 Yellow
DT2101 Yellow
DT2107 Yellow
DT2113 Yellow
DT2122 Yellow
DT2124 Yellow
DT2126 Yellow
DT2130 Yellow
DT2131 Yellow
DT2134 Yellow
DT2158 Yellow
DT2159 Yellow
DT2159 Yellow
DT2160 Yellow
DT2183 Yellow
DT2224 Yellow
DT2225 Yellow
DT2240 Yellow
DT2245 Yellow
DT2256 Yellow
DT2269 Yellow
DT2274 Yellow
DT2279 Yellow
DT2286 Beige
DT2294 Yellow
DT2302 Yellow
DT2307 Cream
DT2311 Yellow
DT2312 Yellow
DT2313 Yellow
DT2317 Yellow
DT2323 Brown
DT2333 Yellow
DT2334 Yellow
DT2339 Gold
DT2349 Yellow
DT2350 Yellow
DT2365 Beige
DT2371 Yellow
DT2374 Yellow
DT2377 Cream
DT2383 Yellow
DT2385 Yellow
DT2392 Yellow
DT2395 Yellow
DT2396 Yellow
DT2402 Yellow
DT2418 Yellow
DT2419 Cream
DT2419 Yellow
DT2425 Yellow
DT2428 Yellow
DT2429 Yellow
DT2433 Yellow
DT2435 Yellow
DT2443 Yellow
DT2445 Yellow
DT2446 Cream
DT2447 Yellow
DT2456 Yellow
DT2461 Cream
DT2462 Yellow
DT2466 Yellow
DT2468 Yellow
DT2469 Bright Yellow
DT2475 Yellow
DT2483 Yellow
DT2490 Yellow
DT2497 Yellow
DT2505 Yellow
DT2506 Blue
DT2510 Brown
DT2514 Yellow
DT2523 Yellow
DT2532 Yellow
DT2533 Yellow
DT2533 Yellow
DT2550 Bright Yellow
DT2555 White
DT2567 Yellow
DT2574 Bright Yellow
DT2575 Yellow
DT2576 Yellow
DT2577 Yellow
DT2579 Cream
DT2583 Yellow
DT2586 Yellow
DT2587 Yellow
DT2589 Yellow
DT2590 Yellow
DT2592 Cream
DT2594 Yellow
DT2597 Yellow
DT2600 Cream
DT2602 Yellow
DT2606 Brite Yellow
DT2611 Tan
DT2614 Cream
DT2627 Yellow
DT2634 Yellow
DT2635 Brown
DT2640 Yellow
DT2641 Yellow
DT3004 Red
DT3018 Green
DT3031 Red
DT3033 Maroon
DT3034 Maroon
DT3039 Red
DT3043 Red
DT3043 Red
DT3056 Red
DT3058 Red
DT3065 Red
DT3070 Red
DT3074 Red
DT3074 Red
DT3081 Red
DT3081 Red (Coke)
DT3096 Red
DT3096 Red
DT3115 Red
DT3116 Bright Red
DT3122 Red
DT3144 Red
DT3150 Red
DT3161 Red
DT3163 Red
DT3176 Red
DT3186 Red
DT3202 Red
DT3222 Red
DT3243 Pink
DT3247 Red
DT3264 Red
DT3272 Red
DT3273 Maroon
DT3274 Red
DT3277 Red
DT3278 Red
DT3280 Red
DT3282 Red
DT3285 Purple
DT3292 Red
DT3299 Red
DT3300 Red
DT3304 Purple
DT3305 Purple
DT3306 Purple
DT3308 Red
DT3316 Red
DT3331 Purple
DT3332 Red
DT3333 Red
DT3334 Red
DT3335 Brown
DT3338 Red
DT3341 Pink
DT3348 Purple
DT3350 Red
DT3353 Maroon
DT3357 Red
DT3358 Purple
DT3361 Red
DT3364 Red
DT3368 Red
DT3369 Red
DT3371 Brown
DT3374 Red
DT3375 Pink
DT3377 Red
DT3379 Red
DT3380 Red
DT3383 Red
DT3393 Red
DT3396 Red
DT3400 Purple
DT3408 Maroon
DT3412 Red
DT3414 Purple
DT3416 Purple
DT3417 Red
DT3418 Red
DT3419 Red
DT3441 Red
DT3442 Bright Canyon Red
DT3445 Red
DT3453 Red
DT3455 Red
DT3457 Red
DT3458 Purple
DT3461 Red
DT3462 Purple
DT3463 Purple
DT4001 White
DT4004 Black
DT4008 White
DT4009 Black
DT4010 White
DT5004 Orange
DT5007 Orange
DT5008 Orange
DT5013 Orange
DT5014 Orange
DT5017 Orange
DT5031 Orange
DT5046 Orange
DT5050 Orange
DT5058 Orange
DT5067 Orange
DT5067 Orange
DT5068 Orange
DT5071 Orange
DT5073 Orange
DT5077 Orange
DT5082 Orange
DT5106 Orange
DT5118 Orange
DT5119 Orange
DT5121 Orange
DT5136 Orange
DT5163 Red
DT5164 Orange
DT5165 Orange
DT5166 Red Orange
DT5167 Orange
DT5168 Orange
DT5169 Brown
DT5170 Brown
DT5182 Orange
DT5183 Orange
DT5185 Orange
DT5187 Orange
DT5189 Orange
DT5202 Orange
DT5207 Orange
DT5213 Orange
DT5219 Orange
DT5220 Orange
DT5221 Orange
DT5222 Orange
DT5223 Orange
DT5225 Orange
DT5228 Copper
DT5229 Orange
DT5233 Orange
DT5238 Orange
DT6001 Brown
DT6026 Brown
DT6032 Brown
DT6052 Tan
DT6058 Brown
DT6062 Tan
DT6067 Beige
DT6073 Brown
DT6080 Tan
DT6128 Tan
DT6137 Beige
DT6138 Tan
DT6145 Brown
DT6151 Beige
DT6153 Brown
DT6155 Brown
DT6163 Brown
DT6166 Beige
DT6175 Brown
DT6184 Beige
DT6190 Beige
DT6195 Brown
DT6208 Brown
DT6217 Yellow
DT6219 Brown
DT6235 Beige
DT6264 Brown
DT6270 Beige
DT6290 Tan
DT6302 Copper
DT6303 Bronze
DT6304 Bronze
DT6305 Gold
DT6306 Tan
DT6308 Brown
DT6310 Beige
DT6316 Gold
DT6327 Beige
DT6335 Beige
DT6336 Brown
DT6337 Brown
DT6345 Brown
DT6345 Gold
DT6350 Brown
DT6355 Beige
DT6359 Gold
DT6360 Brown
DT6361 Brown
DT6362 Brown
DT6368 Brown
DT6374 Yellow
DT6375 Brown
DT6376 Beige
DT6380 Brown
DT6385 Gold
DT6390 Gold
DT6391 Orange
DT6394 Brown
DT6395 Tan
DT6396 Beige
DT6397 Bahama Yellow
DT6398 Bronze
DT6406 Gold
DT6407 Brown
DT6407 Tan
DT6408 Brown
DT6408 Brown
DT6409 Brown
DT6417 Brown
DT6423 Gold
DT6426 Brown
DT6428 Gold
DT6429 Gold
DT6430 Brown
DT6433 Gold
DT6435 Brown
DT6439 Gold
DT6440 Brown
DT6442 Gold
DT6443 Brown
DT6445 Brown
DT6448 Brown
DT6452 Beige
DT6453 Brown
DT6455 Brown
DT6457 Tan
DT6458 Orange
DT6459 Beige
DT6461 Gold
DT6471 Brown
DT6472 Azul Tempo
DT6473 Gold
DT6474 Brown
DT6478 Gold
DT6484 Beige
DT6485 Brown
DT6486 Bright Tan
DT6487 Brown
DT6488 Brown
DT6489 Brown
DT6490 Gold
DT6491 Gold
DT6492 Beige
DT6496 Gold
DT6497 Cream
DT6507 Gold
DT6508 Beige
DT6509 Brown
DT6510 Yellow
DT6511 Brown
DT6512 Beige
DT6515 Red
DT6517 Brown
DT6518 Brown
DT6520 Gold
DT6521 Tan
DT6523 Beige
DT6524 Brown
DT6529 Cream
DT6530 Tan
DT6531 Cashmere
DT6532 Brown
DT6533 Gold
DT6535 Brown
DT6541 Tan
DT6542 Brown
DT6543 Brown
DT6544 Brown
DT6545 Tan
DT6547 Beige
DT6556 Brown
DT6562 Brown
DT6563 Gold
DT6571 Tan
DT6572 Tan
DT6573 Purple
DT6576 Beige
DT6577 Brown
DT6578 Brown
DT6581 Brown
DT6583 Beige
DT6587 Tan
DT7004 Green
DT7010 Green
DT7016 Green
DT7021 Green
DT7026 Green
DT7034 Green
DT7039 Green
DT7043 Green
DT7050 Green
DT7051 Green
DT7058 Green
DT7065 Green
DT7071 Green
DT7089 Green
DT7106 Green
DT7137 Green
DT7151 Green
DT7164 Green
DT7165 Green
DT7182 Green
DT7186 Green
DT7191 Green
DT7203 Green
DT7211 Green
DT7219 Green
DT7222 Green
DT7230 Green
DT7240 Green
DT7242 Green
DT7254 Green
DT7262 Blue
DT7284 Green
DT7285 Green
DT7309 Green
DT7311 Green
DT7312 Green
DT7321 Green
DT7340 Green
DT7342 Green
DT7353 Blue
DT7385 Green
DT7395 Green
DT7406 Green
DT7408 Green
DT7417 Gray
DT7436 Green
DT7453 Green
DT7459 Green
DT7473 Green
DT7498 Green
DT7499 Green
DT7501 Green
DT7506 Green
DT7532 Green
DT7533 Green
DT7544 Green
DT7557 Green
DT7561 Green
DT7562 Silver
DT7563 Green
DT7567 Green
DT7573 Green
DT7580 Green
DT7581 Green
DT7595 Green
DT7596 Bright Green
DT7597 Green
DT7598 Green
DT7599 Turquoise
DT7600 Green
DT7601 Green
DT7607 Green
DT7609 Green
DT7610 Green
DT7632 Green
DT7635 Green
DT7636 Green
DT7640 Green
DT7650 Green
DT7651 Green
DT7652 Green
DT7653 Green
DT7657 Green
DT7671 Green
DT7674 Green
DT7678 Green
DT7681 Green
DT7682 Green
DT7686 Green
DT7687 Green
DT7688 Green
DT7692 Green
DT7694 Green
DT7695 Green
DT7696 Green
DT7698 Green
DT7704 Brite Turquoise
DT7711 Green
DT7725 Green
DT7726 Green
DT7738 Green
DT7744 Green
DT7745 Green
DT7746 Green
DT7751 Green
DT7758 Green
DT7762 Avocado
DT7767 Green
DT7773 Green
DT7775 Green
DT7776 Green
DT7784 Green
DT7788 Green
DT7791 Green
DT7793 Green
DT7803 Green
DT7807 Bright Green
DT7809 Green
DT7815 Green
DT7829 Green
DT7830 Green
DT7832 Green
DT7835 Green
DT7837 Green
DT7839 Green
DT7842 Green
DT7843 Green
DT7850 Green
DT7851 Green
DT7854 Green
DT7857 Green
DT7858 Green
DT7868 Green
DT7876 Green
DT7877 Green
DT7878 Green
DT7884 Green
DT7885 Green
DT7886 Green
DT7888 Green
DT7893 Green
DT7903 Blue Green
DT7904 Green
DT7905 Green
DT7907 Green
DT7908 Green
DT7909 Green
DT7910 Green
DT7913 Green
DT7915 Green
DT7916 Green
DT7917 Green
DT7918 Green
DT7920 Green
DT7927 Green
DT7928 Green
DT7929 Green
DT7930 Green
DT7931 Green
DT7934 Green
DT7935 Green
DT7938 Green
DT7939 Green
DT8012 Blue
DT8015 Blue
DT8016 Blue
DT8024 Blue
DT8027 Blue
DT8036 Blue
DT8045 Blue
DT8048 Blue
DT8051 Blue
DT8070 Blue
DT8083 Blue
DT8085 Blue
DT8093 Blue
DT8106 Blue
DT8115 Blue
DT8126 Blue
DT8127 Blue
DT8130 Blue
DT8153 Blue
DT8165 Blue
DT8173 Blue
DT8174 Blue
DT8175 Blue
DT8178 Blue
DT8184 Blue
DT8189 Blue
DT8191 Blue
DT8192 Blue
DT8196 Blue
DT8198 Blue
DT8204 Blue
DT8208 Blue
DT8209 Blue
DT8214 Blue
DT8215 Blue
DT8217 Blue
DT8223 Blue
DT8224 Blue
DT8226 Blue Green
DT8228 Blue
DT8235 Blue
DT8237 Blue
DT8238 Blue
DT8241 Blue
DT8243 Blue
DT8245 Blue
DT8246 Blue
DT8247 Blue
DT8250 Blue
DT8251 Blue
DT8256 Blue
DT8257 Blue
DT8259 Blue
DT8260 Blue
DT8266 Blue
DT8268 Blue
DT8269 Blue
DT8272 Blue
DT8277 Blue
DT8280 Blue
DT8283 Blue
DT8286 Blue
DT8287 Blue
DT8288 Blue
DT8291 Blue
DT8293 Blue
DT8300 Blue
DT8301 Blue
DT8302 Blue
DT8303 Blue
DT8305 Blue
DT8307 Blue
DT8316 Blue
DT8318 Blue
DT8319 Blue
DT8321 Blue
DT8331 Blue
DT8332 Blue