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Message from naejohn
'Only two Chrome Yellow Mustangs were modified in 1999' So nice to know where the other one is and that it is still in good shape. We have the only other 1999 Chrome Yellow that was modified at Roush. (...continued)

Message from JR
Owner here, interior is grey leather, it is a spring edition, stripe is factory. [admin: thanks so much for the correction]

Message from owner
Just for information. I had this painted Ford Chrome Yellow. Race yellow is the incorrect color code. [admin: thanks so much for the correction]

Message from Owner
If my research is correct, only 45 1988 Mustang convertibles were painted this color (Dark Sable Metallic 6L)

Message from T-CODE KID
Hi, Thats my 67 stang ,i have here in Australia. [Editor: nice! consider submitting us updated photos]

Message from Anonymous
Door tag is not correct. There were not any convertibles made with paint code 'C', pace car white. The dignitary or parade cars were paint code 'M', Wimbledon white.

Message from larrys405
302 4 speed quick fuel carb to much to list of new stuff and stuff redone needs nothing but a new owner

Message from Scott
Gail Wise from Illinois actually has the first Mustang sold to the public. She has a Skylight Blue convertible that she took delivery of on April, 15th, 1964. The car is well publicized and there are (...continued)

Message from Foxbody cars.
Hi Scott, my name is John rouse from Portland Oregon just wanted to comment on your mustang. My mom bought the same exact car in 1980. I was 13 I really liked the color combo on the car that was the (...continued)

Message from Blair
Hello, I also have a 1967 GTA S Code 390. The car has the exterior decor group, interior decor group. Wood grain steering wheel. Ceiling console, AM/FM Radio, Tach and seat belt reminder light. White Vinyl (...continued)

Message from Mustang Shirley
I had the same dark brown with a white top and white leather interior - V8 - way too much power but a great car - incredible pick-up. I traded it for a 1980 Lincoln continental - was concerned that my (...continued)

Message from Blair
Hello, I also have a 1967 GTA S Code 390. The car has the exterior decor group, interior decor group. Wood grain steering wheel. Ceiling console, AM/FM Radio, Tach and seat belt reminder light.

Message from wendy will
got lots of guys in my green 5.0

Message from Barb S Mustangs
My husband worked for Ford Motor Company and brought this car home one da. It was beautiful. Wish we could have kept it. Lol.

Message from markviii1998
Hello, I have a 1968 Torino GT convertible, 390 4v, 4 spd that is passionate pink in color. Paint is WT 9036

Message from hers
I have just purchased this car. Plan on taking her to many shows. [editor: awesome! consider sending us updated photos and photos to possibly use in our next updated version of the book: Mustang Special (...continued)

Message from swill
i have a 94 same options and colors..100,000kms on it.5 speed standard

Message from Hot rod
I think the 1967 ford mustang is the coolest car in the state of Texas . I love the color green . Your friend Denver Yates .

Message from Scott
As of 2/3/18, I have repurchased this car and have done a lot of mechanical work on it, as well as adding reproduction 16' TRX wheels. My intent is to finish the mechanical work and do a cosmetic restoration (...continued)

Message from Marcus95
Absolutely gorgeous Mustang Cobra.

Grabber is Back!

2021 is a great year for Grabber paint colors. Three colors are available: a new formulation of Grabber Blue, a metallic Grabber Lime, and a bright Grabber Yellow. Awesome!

Amazing Reviews on our Book

Check out our book now!

K.S.: Ich habe meinem Mann das Buch zu Weihnachten geschenkt und er war total begeistert. Er blättert seitdem jeden Abend darin. Tolles Buch! (EN: I gave the book to my husband for Christmas and he was absolutely thrilled. He has been leafing through it every evening since then. Nice book!)

José López: I am amazed such a good and comprehensive book has been done on just the special editions of the Mustang. A unique well-written book, beautiful photos and layout, new information I was not aware of before; and I am no expert but I know my stuff regarding Cars and Mustangs... You don't even have to be part of the Ford Faithful to enjoy this book. It's recommended reading and owning for any armchair enthusiast, casual fan or Mustang Fan. I'm glad I own it!

Mom Lisa: This is a beautiful book! A must-have for any Mustang enthusiast. It contains a wealth of info on special edition Mustangs. It includes models for the 55 years they have been in production. This book was well written and shows much research was put into it's production. The photography is amazing! The pics show the cars interior, exterior, and close ups of the engines. I highly recommend this book for Mustang lovers.

And many more...

We need your help for the next book

Do you have photos, information, or additional special models that are not in our book? Check out the full index of all the special models in the book. Consider submitting photos to us. We are currently collecting additional information for an update to the book in about 4 years. We'd love to hear from you.

More on the Book!

Here is another link to the book which can be purchased directly from the publisher.

Also check out a preview of the book,
or a printable index of all the special Mustang models in the book,
or a preview of some photos in the book which are also on this site.

"Mustangs Special Editions" Book Release! - October 15, 2018

With your help over the past 10+ years, we have been writing a book about special edition Mustangs. The book is available now. It's packed with 662 special models by year grouped into 215 categories. Click here to order a copy of our Book today.

We have created a printable index of all the special models in the book. Take a look. There are 2X more special models in this book than are on our site. The hardcover book is 192 pages long, 10x10 inches in size, has over 96,000 words, and contains 457 color and 52 black-and-white photos.

Preview the book here

Chapter 1: Regular Production Special Mustangs - GT, GTA, Grande, Mach 1, Boss...
Chapter 2: Anniversary Editions - sales milestones and birthdays
Chapter 3: Pace and Race Car - the performance side
Chapter 4: Commemorative and Tribute Mustangs - special events and organizations
Chapter 5: Special Options Packages - option groups that lead to special editions
Chapter 6: Local & Territorial Special Edition Mustangs - all the early dealer/factory made local specials
Chapter 7: Dealers, Tuners & Third Party Special Editions - everyone gets into the game, Shelby, Saleen, Roush, Steeda, etc.

It is not over. There are many more special and limited edition Mustangs out there which are yet to be discovered. We are collecting these for a second edition, to be out in a few years. Do you have photos or more information? Let us know.

2018 Mustang - Even More Awesome!

Information on the new 2018 Mustang with more performance, new paint colors, and new design features inside and out.

2017 Mustang - Awesome!

Information on the 2017 Mustang including the Shelby GT350 and GT350R.

Special and Limited Edition Mustangs by Year

Adding the special models of the 2016 Mustang, we now have compiled a list of 300 Special and Limited Edition Mustangs by year. You can see all 300 at the bottom of our home page or on our sister site SpecialMustang.com. These 300 can be grouped into 87 general categories of Special Model Mustangs from the Mustang GT and Shelby through the Special Anniversary Editions, to the local "Territorial" Special Promotional Mustangs. Check them out.

QR Code Cards for Car Shows

Today we also release a new feature of our site. It's a QR code card which you can display on your Mustang during car shows. It will allow show visitors to get more information about your Mustang by scanning the code with their smart phone. Now you know why we released a mobile version of our site. Click here for more details on the QR code card. Do want a set of cards for your Mustang that is already on our site? Email us with a link to your car and your mailing address. We will send you a couple of QR code cards right away. Or, you can print out your own by clicking on the QR code image under your photo on the non-mobile site.

MustangAttitude Mobile

We can finally show you MustangAttitude Mobile. This is a new version of the site optimized for the smaller screens of smart phones. You can view all the Mustang photos, explore styles/paint/engine options, and even submit photos of your Mustang taken with your phone.

Nebraska 1967 Centennial Special Mustang Hardtop

Do you have a special order 1967 Mustang hardtop in an unusual exterior color from Nebraska? We are looking for examples of this limited edition Mustang which was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Nebraska's statehood. From the advertisements we've found, the Centennial Special Hardtop came with the Sport Sprint option and one of four "Special Centennial colors": Centennial Blue, Lincoln Green, Summer Wheat, and Big Red. See the advertisements for more information.

Reiny's Dandelion Yellow 1968 GT Rainbow of Colors

Check out this video from Reiny van Uden from Volkel The Netherlands. Also see photos of Reiny's ROC Mustang on our site.

Yep a Wimbledon White 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang!

Yep, we were correct over 5 months ago; the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang will be in an exclusive Wimbledon White exterior paint similar to the first white offered in 1964 on a Mustang. The other exclusive color is Kona Blue which was last offered on a Mustang in 2012. It will be a Mustang GT coupe with performance pack, 50th Anniversary badges, extra exterior chrome, upgraded interior, and cool layered glass rear-quarter "louvered" windows.

Wimbledon White 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang?

Here is what we found rumored have so far. Stay tuned for more...

Hawaii Rainbow of Colors 1968 Mustang

Gonzo is a new owner of a Rainbow of Colors 1968 Mustang which was originally part of the promotion in Hawaii. Check out his car.

1967 Limited Edition 400 Mustang

Check out these vintage photos sent to us by Gary, whose wife used to own one of these unusual Chicagoland Limited Edition 400 Mustangs from 1967. We also found some local newspaper advertisements for this special Mustang.

1968 Golden Mustang Limited Edition

A viewer may have found a Golden Mustang Limited Edition from 1968. Stay tuned...

She Country Special Discovery

Craig and Denise MacGregor of Australia just recently bought a 1967 Mustang convertible for a Shelby project, but after requesting a Marti report, the car turns out to be one of the special ordered, Denver area, She Country Special Mustangs. See the story and photos so far.

2012 Car Shows

Below are a few of the many car shows that we and or our viewer are attending in 2012. Let us know of others.

Princeville Heritage Day's Car and Bike Show
Saturday June 23, 2012: Princeville Illinois at Steven's Square Park. Click here for photos we took.
Mustangs Northwest - Mustang Roundup & All Ford Picnic
Saturday/Sunday July 21-22, 2012: Bellevue Washington at Bellevue College. Saturday, around 1000 Mustangs are expected to show up! more info.

278 Special and Limited Edition Mustangs by Year

Did you know that there are at least 278 types of Special or Limited Edition Mustangs offered over the years in 78 general categories from the Mustang GT, to Anniversary Editions, and including significant Ford and dealer promoted local promotions? Check out our homepage for a list of them all.

Do you own one, or are we missing yours from our list? Consider submitting photos and information to share.

Got the Mustang - Mustang Attitude
It's time for Mustang - Mustang Attitude


Get into a Mustang state of mind with a 1985 Ford Mustang commercial.

MustangAttitude International

Check out our growing collection of over 500 photos of Mustangs from outside the United States. Help us grow this collection. Consider submitting photos of your Mustang.

Do you have a Mustang in the US or Canada? Check out our collection of Mustang photos by state.

2013 Mustang

Information on the 2013 Mustang is out. New front, hood and rear; new colors; new instrument gauges; and quite a few other new items. Check out what we've compiled so far.

Our 2012 Mustang Calendar is Now Available

Check out our new 2012 Mustang Calendar containing a collection of 12 awesome Mustang photos submitted to us from site viewers this past year. This colorful calendar is huge! It measures a massive 17 inches wide by 22 inches tall when opened up and hung on a wall. (Sorry, they are no longer available)

Special thanks to Mustang owners; Roman from California, Mark Wieszyk from South Australia, Jeffrey Wheeler from Oregon, Jim Srp from Texas, Stephen with the 70 Boss, Gord Gow from Canada, Izzy Cobovic from New York, Mike Barrett from Colorado, Gary Horn from Utah, Julie Klein from Illinois, John Klein from Washington, and Pete & Cheri Dahlgren from Washington.

History of Mustang through the Newspaper's Eyes

Looking through local newspapers in the US and Canada between 1964 to 1970 has allowed us to put together a different type of history of the Mustang. It is a history of the Mustang through the eye's of the newspaper with a focus on Mustang advertisements. This is an interesting view of the Mustang throughout the years because we can see what was important each year through photos, graphics, models, written text, phrases, etc. Most unexpectedly it also shows an interesting view of why styles changed and how special promotions created special and limited edition Mustangs.

1969 Mustang 4.1 Litre Special

Ever hear about the 1969 Mustang 4.1 Liter Special? We found some data possibly confirmed by a viewer that owns one. We think they were all were delivered to the Indianapolis order district (DSO 46) with special order numbers 0572, 0573, and 0574. The owner says this special order Mustang came with an automatic L-code 4.1 liter (250ci) 6-cylinder engine; special order exterior green WT7034, yellow or orange paint; white and gold pinstripe; and a 4.1 Litre Special checkered flag fender badge. Let us know if you have more information.

Information on the Canadian 1965-68 Player's Mustang

A viewer just sent us photos and newspaper advertisements from 1965 and 1966 for the Blue and White Mustang Player's special edition hardtop. These Mustangs were painted blue and white to match the Player's cigarette package. All models were hardtops, had this special blue and white exterior paint, 200ci 6-cylinder engine, full wheel covers, and an AM radio. The promotion was run as Mustang-A-Week contests in many Providences in Canada between 1965 and 1968.

See some of the Players Special Edition Mustang winners we've found.

The 1967 Mustang Blazer Limited Edition Hardtop

We found many newspaper advertisements for the newly discovered 1967 Mustang Blazer Limited Edition Mustang which featured Lime Gold exterior paint, black vinyl top, personalized interior nameplate, and Blazer exterior nameplate. This was a local limited edition Mustang for the Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland area from mid November to mid December of 1966. We think the Blazer exterior nameplate was placed just below the Mustang lettering just behind the front wheels as shown in this image we modified. Take a look at the newspaper advertisements and let us know if you have any more information.

Uncovering the 1968 Dixie Special Mustang

We think we just found a new limited edition Mustang! Its called the Dixie Special Mustang which was available only the Mississippi and Louisiana area in the spring of 1968, and featured special paint, a Dixie Special license plate, and a Dixie Special emblem. Take a look for yourself at the newspaper advertisements we found. We also think someone found one!

Stay tuned for more information...

Cool Mustang Paper Cars

Did you know that one of the 1974 Mustang sales brochures included a paper car cutout of the Mach 1?
Sam Atwal, one of our visitors, created a paper car for the 2011 Mustang.

The 2011 MustangAttitude.com Calendar is Here!

Here is our new 2011 Mustang Calendar containing a collection of 12 fresh Mustang photos submitted to us from site viewers this past year. This colorful calendar is huge! It measures a massive 17 inches wide by 22 inches tall when opened up and hung on a wall. (Sorry, they are no longer available)

Special thanks to Mustang owners Richard Peoples from Florida; Teri Garcia from Pennsylvania; Lajos Recskó from Hungary; Bobby Aldrich from California; Dana Bowers from Florida; Dave Martin from Maryland; Phil Phillips from Oklahoma; Peter J. Slaney from Massachusetts; Dwight Koslowski from Michigan; Dale Smith from Australia; S Raleigh from Utah; and Håkan Palm from Sweden.

More Limited Edition Mustangs Uncovered

Ever hear of the 1967, Chicagoland Limited Edition 400 Mustang? How about the 1968, Iowa-Illinois Golden Mustang? Or the 1968, Pennsylvania Colt Mustang? Or the 1968, Pennsylvania Lady Mustang? Or even the Ohio-West Virginia Silver Mink Anniversary 1966 Limited Edition Mustang? They are some of the 1966 to 1968, specially badged, limited edition Mustangs we just found advertised in old newspapers. We are calling these Mustang's "Territorial Specials" since they were special Mustang models sold only in specific ordering districts. Stay tuned for more...

Other more commonly known Territorial Specials included the 1968 California area California Special, 1966-68 Denver area High Country Special, 1967 Denver Ski Country Special, 1968 Seattle Golden Nugget Special, 1967 Texas Lone Star Limited, 1968 North Carolina and Virgina Cardinal Special, 1969 Philadelphia Limited Edition 600, 1970 Nebraska-Iowa Sidewinder, and 1970 Kansas City Twister Special.

Ford Official eBay Store

The just opened and you can pick up all sorts of Ford and Mustang official gear and upgrades.

2011 Mustang Versus Camaro

The August edition of Road and Track is out comparing the 2011 Mustang and Camaro. Who won? The Mustang... almost a clean sweep. It loses in only two categories: 1/4 mile and ride...

2010 Mustang Car Shows

Below are a few of the many Mustang car shows that we and or our viewers attended in 2010.

29th Annual Central Illinois Ford Day Show and Swap
June 6, 2010, Bloomington, Illinois (complete, see growing photo collection from show!)

Old Fort Mustangers 28th Annual Mustang and Ford show
July 17, 2010 from 8-3, Fort Wayne, Indiana (complete)

Mustang Club of America Grand National 30th show
July 17, 2010, Bellevue, Washington (complete, see our growing collection of photos from this show)
Northwest Mustang Round-up Car show
July 18, 2010, Bellevue, Washington (complete, stay tuned for photos)

Intermountain Mustang & All Ford Stampede
August 12th,13th,14th 2010, Park City, Utah (complete)

11th Annual Mustang All Ford Show at Uftring Ford
September 19th, 2010, East Peoria, Illinois (complete, check out our photos)

29th annual Mustang, Shelby and Ford Roundup
Saturday, October 23 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida (complete, here are some photos)

Contact us if you have more information

2011 Mustang Special Models

The California Special, Boss 302R, Mustang Club of America Special Edition, and Shelby GT-350 Limited Edition are just some of the new special models announced for 2011. Check them all out here.
Also explore all the 2011 Mustang data we've been able to gather to date.

2010 MustangAttitude.com Calendar Released

2010 Mustang Calendar
We have put together a 2010 Mustang Calendar containing a collection of 12 awesome Mustang photos submitted to us from site viewers. This colorful calendar measures a massive 17 inches wide by 22 inches tall when opened up and hung on a wall.

Special thanks to Mustang owners Mal Hillier from Australia; Ron Hatchen from Canada; Emmanuel Theux from Monte Carlo; Eric Stone from Texas; Peter Manson with his poppy green Mustang; Greg Whitman from Maryland; dtamm with his Mustang II; Mike S from Ohio; Mike Abajian Jr from Texas; Ken Davies from Canada; Bill Hamilton from South Carolina; and Julie Austad from Washington

Cool Things on MustangAttitude.com

Thumbnails of every color offered in each year of Mustang production. We also have a larger thumbnail version and individual pages on Mustangs by color
Body styles by year for Mustang, Shelby, SVT Cobra, and Saleen
All special models of Mustangs or dedicated pages on the GT, Mach 1, Boss, or more
There are pages of all Mustang engines by size, year, and horsepower
We have a list of options with links to photos of them

Want to see more Mustangs? Check out our thumbnail list of all Mustangs on eBay right now!

Ford Mustang Promotional Brochures

Check out our growing collection of Ford Mustang Promotional booklets. They say things like:

1964: New Ford Mustang ... a totally new king of total performance Ford!
1965: Everybody loves Mustang - Everybody wants a Mustang
1966: All about fun... excitement... going places... doing things
1967: Bred First... to be first!
1968: ...better ideas in action
1969: ...your first Mustang made life more delicious, right? So how about a second helping?
1970: What you need is a Mustang
1971: '71 Mustang... It's a personal thing.
1972: The Driving Machine
1973: A Beautiful Experience
1974: ...the right car at the right time
1975: The new look of success
1976: Say goodbye to boredom
1977: Make driving fun again
1978: ...takes you away from an ordinary day!
1979: Ford Mustang The New Breed
1980: A sports car for the 80s
1981: America's most popular sports car
1982: Mustang covers you from simmer to sizzle!
1983: The Difference Between Just Getting There... and Really Arriving.
1984: The experts have spoken. Now there's only one thing left to say. Mustang SVO.
1985: Mustang is the spirit that moves you
1986: ...open up your heart and let the sun shine in
1987: Something happens to you when you get behind the wheel of a new Mustang
1988: The Free Spirit of Expression
1988: No matter how good it is to look at, driving a Mustang is the ultimate reward
1990: ... is as strong and popular as ever
1991: The only prerequisite is an appreciation for the fun of driving
1992: The enjoyment you get out of a Mustang is far greater than the money you put into it
1993: If you're really serious about the fun of driving...
1994: The all new Mustang. It is what it was.
1995: ...there's nothing else on the road quite like a Mustang.
1996: Mustang. There's nothing else like it under the sun.
1997: Choose your level of performance: Exciting. Or downright exhilarating.
1998: It's your time. It's your choice. It's your chance.
1999: Reinterpreting an American icon is a daunting task.
2000: When was the last time you headed nowhere in particular?
2000: La liberte signee Mustang.
2003: Thinking of owning the road? Time to "Pony Up."
2004: Fortunately, Smokin' hasn't been banned everywhere.
2005: Feedom to Run
2006: Blue skies, warm sunshine and you - out there cruisin'
2007: S-S-So Sinful
2008: Start Salivating
2009: Top Down. Decibels Up. The Thumping.
2010: When was the first time?
2011: More Power to the Pony
2012: The family that slays together
2013: A Bloodline with no Redline
2014: Ready, Set, Gone. Witness the Burn
2015: Your wildest dreams. Just got real.
2016: Put your foot down. And let the adrenaline flow.
2017: This is a love-at-first-sight, want-you-so-bad, feels-so-good king of car.
2018: Lean. Loaded. Legendary.
2019: Get Yours. Get gone. And leave everything else behind.

Paint Color Code Cross-Reference Database

What is the difference between a Ford M, WT, or MX code paint? How about a list of all of them with color samples, color names, Ditzler PPG codes, Dupont codes, and links to photos of actual cars if they are in our photo database. Did Ford ever use a GM paint on a Mustang?

These questions and more can be answered with our Paint Color Code Cross-Reference Database. We've also added other Manufacturers cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. This database is being set up to understand the historical usage of colors on special order Mustangs including the 1968-69 Rainbow of Colors, 1968 Color of the Month promotions, as well as understanding special usage in all Mustang colors.

Did you know that in 1967 you could order a Mustang in one of over 40 colors? Or that in 1968 over 26 special order paints were offered free as part of promotional packages? Or that there are hundreds of special order paints available from Ford every year?

We also have many of the GM special order WE-code paints as well as the Chrysler special order DT-code paints.

Quick Search for Mustangs for sale on eBay

Did you know that there are about 2000 Mustangs for sale on eBay right now? And this is out of a total of nearly 50,000 cars on eBay every day. How do you find the best deals on that unique Mustang when what's for sale changes on a daily basis?

Take a look at our quick search for all Mustangs for sale on eBay. We cache the thumbnails and descriptions so it is very fast. You can see Mustangs by state, by year, or by model type (Shelby, Boss, Mach1, etc.)

We also have quick links to other awesome cars for sale on eBay: Thunderbird, Model A, Model T, Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am, Challenger, Charger, El Camino, Chevelle, Malibu, Cutlass, Barracuda, Road Runner, Nova, Dart, Duster, Grand National, GTX, Superbee, and Impala

Also checkout the Mustangs For Sale on MustangAttitude.com. If you have one for sale, consider submitting photos and information here.

1968 Color of the Month Promotion

Color of the Month

Thanks to Mal Hillier of Melbourne, Australia, for the information on his Black Hills Gold, 1968, January, Color of the Month promotional Mustang. We've added his car to the February Passionate Pink Mustang and April Eastertime Coral Mustang. We are still looking for a March Emerald Green Mustang, but we have recently discovered that Emerald Green was a Ford Special Order Fleet Paint until at least 1988. If you have any information on this promotion, please contact us.

Update: 1968 Color of the Month promotional Black Hills Gold shares the same paint codes with 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotional Spanish Gold. The date and assembly codes on Mal's 1968 Mustang hardtop more closely matches the 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotion, although it is a great example of what the January Color of the Month gold looked like.

Quiz Winner

Red, White, and Blue are the three basic paint colors offered on each year of Mustang production (1964-2010). Thanks to Chet (owner of a 1993 Mustang GT) who emailed us with the correct answer first. He will receive a MustangAttitude.com window decal set.

Do you like quizzes? Check out our new on-line Mustang Trivia Quiz. Warning: It's not an easy quiz.

Quiz Time!

What 3 basic colors have been offered each year of Mustang production (1964-2010)? Who ever emails the webmaster first with the answer will receive a MustangAttitude.com window decal set for their Mustang. Act quickly, it will not take long to get a winner. [Update 4.11.2009 - Lots of close answers. Hint: black is not one of the colors, white is one of the colors]

1968 & 1969 Rainbow of Colors Promotion

1968-69 Rainbow of Colors

Thanks goes to Peter Manson: owner and restorer of a 1969 Poppy Green, Rainbow of Colors, Mach 1 Mustang; for his information on this promotion.

Thanks to all our viewers, we have been compiling more color information on the 1968-69 Rainbow of Colors west coast Mustang promotion. 13 colors were offered with wild names such as Whipped Cream, Spanish Gold, Dandelion Yellow, Hot Pink, Caribbean Coral, Forest Green, Sierra Blue, and Moss Green. And much more information is out there... If you have a Rainbow of Colors Mustang, please consider submitting photos to us. Or if you have additional information, please let us know. Thanks!

2010 Shelby GT-500

We are starting to compile information on the 2010 Shelby GT-500. The front and rear fascias have been redesigned above and beyond the 2010 new Mustang V6 and GT fascias. The Cobra emblem has a new design and is placed on the other side of the more narrow upper front grille. The lower grille is larger. The side lower body stripe has a new look. New wheels, and for the first time the GT500 coupe will have different wheels than the GT500 convertible. The engine will have 540hp with the addition of the Ford Racing Power Pack, Shelby tuning, and improved Tremec Twin-disc clutch 6-speed manual transmission. And the interior has been redesigned. Exterior color offerings are Grabber Blue, Kona Blue, Torch Red, Performance White, Sterling Grey, Brilliant Silver, and Black.

2010 Mustang V6 and GT Information

We are starting to compile information on the 2010 Mustang now that some of the preliminary data is out. Yes, the front and rear end has been redesigned; and yes, there are more electronic and eco-friendly features. But some of the unexpected excitement comes from a redesigned dash and instrument gauges, new exterior colors including Grabber Blue, a variety of interior colors, standard Ambient Lighting on all cars and with more locations of light, sequential taillights, and all new wheels including some 19 inch versions.

2009 MustangAttitude.com Calendar Released

We have put together a collection of 12 incredible Mustang car photos submitted to us from viewers covering many of the last 46 production years of the Mustang. This colorful calendar measures 17 by 22 inches when hung on a wall.

Jon Jackson from Illinois; Allan & Nancy Eisentraut from Hot Springs Village Arkansas; Todd Weddle from Max Meadows Virginia; Raynald B�langer from Boucherville Quebec Canada; Rex Turner from Vienna Virginia; Don Klatt from Oregon, Ohio; David Hammer from Oklahoma; John Klein from Redmond Washington; Eddie from Canada; Johnny R Walker from Forrest Illinois; Julie Klein from Illinois; and Arlie Moses from Humble Texas.

New Mustang Color Collection Galleries

How many shades of Yellow Mustangs have been offered in the last 46 production years of the Mustang? What are all the special Mustang models that only came in green? What years of Mustangs offered Grabber colors? How about examples of all 679 colors ever offered on a Mustang?

We've just compiled a special color index to all the Mustang photos in our database. These pages show all special colors, special models, and all color offerings of each production year with examples and links to high resolution photos. Come back often as we add more photos to our database and more color information.

1967 Ski Country Special Aspen Red

What exactly does Aspen Red look like? Frank Recupero of Okhurst, California, submitted his rare 1967 Ski Country Special; but is it Aspen Red? MustangAttitude did a little research and found the Dupont paint chip for Ford MX 707587 (DuPont 2721H 93-83001H)). It was used on the 1958 Ford Edsel (but called Ember Red) as well as a custom color for vintage Gibson guitars, but the color appears to match!

Behind the scenes at MustangAttitude.com

This is not ready for prime-time but, do you want to see every Mustang model, color, and engine for the last 45 years? Check this out, but get ready to download a lot of information. This page was compiled with thumbnails selected from the thousands of photos on our site. Click on any of the text below the photos to see all the cars of this type that we have compiled. Are we missing your color? or your special model? Submit your photos here.

MustangAttitude.com 2009 Calendar Needs Your Help

We need your help in creating our 2009 MustangAttitude.com official calendar. There will be 12 featured cars, so submit photos of your Mustang now.

Contest Winner

Legend Lime 2005 GT We have a winner. The first image posted to this site was a Legend Lime 2005 Mustang GT posted on 7/22/07. Johnny Walker, the owner of our July 20th, 2008's Attitude Of The Week, correctly identified it. For his detective abilities, he will receive a MustangAttitude.com window decal.

Website 1st Year Anniversary Contest

This week marks the first year Anniversary of the MustangAttitude website. It's been a busy first year: collecting photos from site visitors; gathering data for each Mustang model year in our Mustang Data Explorer; then linking the models, colors, and engines to the 6000+ photos on the site. We are running a quick Contest - Who ever emails the webmaster first with the description or link to the first Mustang photo set posted on this site will receive a "MustangAttitude.com" window decal for their Mustang. Act quickly, it will not take long to get a winner. Hint: there is a post date displayed in the text below the picture when you click on a thumbnail.

Most Popular Photos

What's the most popular Mustang photo on this site? How about the most popular year? Or the most popular color? Click here to see the most recent top ten Mustang years, cars, and colors being viewed right now.

2009 Shelby GT500

The 2009 Mustangs are out! Several new 2009 Mustang photos have been posted.

1968 Easter Collection of Colors

Some interesting information on the 1968 Easter Color of the Month promotion.

These are examples of a little known 1968 Easter Collection of Colors dealer promotion.

2007 SEMA Car Show

Getting ready for the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas? We have some Mustang photos from the 2007 SEMA show.

Mustangs For Sale

We have several Mustangs posted for sale. If you have a Mustang for sale, submit your photos here. We can mark it For Sale and direct interested people to your email or phone number. The For Sale signs will be on your photos for 3 months. You can email us to remove the For Sale sign or extend it another 3 months. We do ask that we keep your photos on the site after it has sold to enhance our huge database of Mustangs.

New Photos
Madagascar Orange 1968 Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Hardtop

1968 Rainbow of Colors Check this one out. It's a Madagascar Orange 1968 Mustang hardtop Rainbow of Colors. It was sent in by Bryant Hatfield from Palmer, Texas. Bryant tells us, "It was owned (...continued)

2021 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure
2021 Mustang Fleet Preview Guide This is the Mustang section of the 2021 Ford Fleet Preview Guide released mid 2020. This first page lists the standard features (Ecoboost and GT), Ford Co-Pilot360 technology, available features, (...continued)

2021 Mustang Mach-E SUV Promotional Sales Brochure
2021 Mach E Fleet Preview Guide This is the 2021 Mach E Mustang featured in the Ford Fleet Preview Guide which came out mid 2020. This page lists the standard features, the Ford Co-Pilot360 technology, and (...continued)

Triple Yellow 2018 Mustang Shelby GT-350 Fastback
Triple Yellow 2018 Shelby GT350 Nice side view of a 2018 Shelby GT350 in Triple Yellow exterior paint. These are the standard 19 inch ebony black-painted aluminum wheels which came with the 2018 GT350.

Race Red 2020 Mustang Shelby GT-500 Fastback
2020 Race Red GT500 Check out this incredible 2020 Shelby GT500 in Race Red exterior paint. These are the standard 20" x 11" flow-formed high-gloss black wheels. Other standard features include Larger front radiator (...continued)

Torch Red 2005 Roush Stage 1 Mustang Coupe
Torch Red 2005 Mustang Roush Torch Red 2005 Mustang Roush Stage 1 coupe owned by Jennifer Brummage from Chapin, South Carolina. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting October 26, (...continued)

Kona Blue 2020 Mustang Shelby GT-500 Fastback
2020 Kona Blue GT500 Beautiful 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang in Kona Blue exterior paint with the optional Carbon Fiber Track Pack which includes these wheels, rear wing/spoiler, and front splitter. Inside there are Recaro (...continued)

2019 Mustang Shelby GT-350 Fastback Promotional Sales Brochure
2019 GT350 promotional brochure This is the cover of the 2019 Ford Mustang GT3500 sales brochure. It shows a Rapid Red Shelby GT 350. The sales brochure is a three page foldout with the (...continued)

Oxford White 2020 Mustang Shelby GT-500 Fastback
2020 Oxford White Mustang GT500 2020 Oxford White Mustang GT500 with Carbon Fiber Track Pack which includes the 20 inch exposed carbon fiber wheels, the exposed carbon fiber GT4 track wing, and splitter wickers.

Velocity Blue 2020 Mustang Shelby GT-500 Fastback
2020 Velocity Blue Mustang GT500 A beautiful 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 in Velocity Blue exterior paint. Those are the 20 inch flow formed high gloss black wheels, standard with the 2020 GT500. Options on this (...continued)

Jade Black 1968 Mustang Sprint Hardtop
Jade Black 1968 Mustang Jade Black 1968 Mustang Sprint B hardtop owned by Mike from sseldorf, Germany. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting October 19, 2020. It (...continued)

Oxford White 2020 Mustang GT California Special Convertible
2020 California Special Mustang This is an Oxford White 2020 Mustang GT California Special. The California Special package is an add-on to the GT Premium and includes: 19 inch x 8.5 inch machined face (...continued)

Shadow Black 2020 Mustang Shelby GT-500 Fastback
Shadow Black 2020 Mustang GT500 Check out this beautiful 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 in Shadow Black with cool blue stripes, and Carbon Fiber Track Pack. The 20 inch exposed carbon fiber wheels, Recaro seats, exposed (...continued)

Dark Highland Green 2019 Mustang Bullitt Fastback
2019 Dark Highland Green Mustang Bullitt 2019 Dark Highland Green Mustang Bullitt with Electronics Package. This cool photo set includes detail photos of the 470hp, 5.0L V8 engine.

Dark Shadow Blue 1987 Mustang GT Convertible
1987 Mustang GT convertible in Dark Shadow Blue This is an amazing 1987 Mustang GT convertible in Dark Shadow Blue exterior paint with a white interior. Nice!